Lil' Reds Plastic Party Cups - Small is Actually Better

Red plastic party cups are as iconic and American as Marilyn Monroe and hamburgers. And if you've ever been to a party where someone hands you a drink in those thick styrofoam things, you'll know why the red cups are far superior and are an absolute must for any party you're throwing, especially if there's an outside element.

And now you can get 'em in the perfect size - Lil' Reds are just 1.75 oz. each, so you can either sip on your drink and make it last for once or finally have disposable shot glasses that aren't a complete embarrassment. And they're so sturdy. You can really grip 'em and not feel like it's going to crack like those cheap clear ones you get at the supermarket. And you get 20 cups per pack, so it's definitely enough for you and your friends to imbibe for awhile.

Hey, I'm not saying you have to get all crazy now with the drinking, but I am saying that if you're going to drink outta a plastic cup, you should at least be stylin' about it.

Stephanie Dickison

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