Foxers - Foxy Boxers, Because Why Should Men Have All The Fun?

I have worn only one style of underwear for the last couple of decades because I've always been of the belief that it takes a rockin' beautiful woman like Cameron Diaz to rock a full-on brief or boxer. But then I discovered Foxers.

Designed by April Spring, these l'il beauties bring together the comfort and sexiness of lace with the wicked waistband design of boxers.

There are a huge range of styles, sizes and patterns to choose from. I tried out the Light Blue Stripe / Light Blue Lace Boxers (Blue Bow) (pictured above), and not only fell for them because they're super sexy and as comfortable as PJs, but because you can't detect them under your clothes - no ridges or roll ups. Which means that I can rock them everywhere from the bedroom to the boardroom.

I was amazed by the sheer comfort of the boxers - both the thick boxer waistband and stretchy lace are so superior to regular undies, they might as well be made from scratchy wool. The boxer is made of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex lace, so it moves with you, not against you.  And the waistband is men's 100% cotton shirting fabric, many of which are limited production, so you get a corporate and yet extremely sensual feel that will completely rock your world.

I was also taken back by how flattering they are - the cut of the leg is not too long to make your legs look stumpy, nor too short to make you seem like you're bulging and busting outta of them. I also really appreciate the panty-like panel that keeps your private parts private - you get the joy of lace without giving it all away.

The sultry mix of masculine and feminine of Foxers gives you an edginess and confidence that other undergarments rarely deliver on, so don't be surprised if you walk into the office/restaurant/party with your head a little higher, your step a little more fierce.

And because they were made for modern women like you and I, they are machine washable.

Shop the entire Foxers Collection now.

Stephanie Dickison

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