Smile Squared - A Bamboo Toothbrush That Gives To Children In Need

I like to change my toothbrush often. At least every 3 months, if not sooner. For one, I am an immensely hard brusher and I wear down my bristles quickly and secondly, any time I'm recovering from a cold, I change to a new one to cut down on spreading germs (it turns out dentists agree to swapping out your old one for a new one about every 3 months as well).

But searching out a good one is tough - the drugstore aisle is filled with various choices, yet they all look and feel the same. I wanted something different, something lasting, something with style and grace and not just a stick o' plastic that is going to clog up our environment. 

I am ecstatic to have recently discovered Smile Squared. This 100% biodegradable, recyclable, sustainable toothbrush is gorgeous. And it just happens to made out of one of my favourite materials - bamboo, with soft Dupont bristles, and comes in 100% recyclable box. If that's not enough, not only are they incredibly affordable, every time you buy one, S2 gives one to a child in need.

How amazing is that? Not only are you getting a toothbrush that feels good in your hand (rounded edges make it uber comfortable) with great bristles (they are soft, but not mushy like those other supposedly "dental expert" picks), but you're doing good at the same time.

Now that just feels good all over.

Stephanie Dickison

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