NuWorld Botanicals Pampers Your Sensitive Skin Naturally

I have been loving getting to know NuWorld Botanicals' products.

Recently I've fallen for their Mental Clarity and Aromatherapy Personals. And now I've discovered their 4 NEW innovative skincare treatments for sensitive skin, which is such a blessing for those of us with delicate skin.

Use Aromatherapy Personals Sun-Repair Naturally Active Oil Concentrate 2-3 times a week during the day or every evening before bedtime to fight the signs of aging and sun damage. This blend of 100% natural and organic plant oils is unscented, and free of alcohol and chemical preservatives so it doesn't irritate your skin. And it's jam-packed with nourishing vitamins and fatty acids such as vitamins A, C and D and sweet almond, extra virgin rosehip and sea buckthorn oils to keep your skin from getting dry, red and inflamed. It is made with 98% certified organic ingredients.

Sun-Kissed Skin is a great way to add colour without wasted hours under sun lamps or on the beach, never mind the damage it causes! And while adding a soft bronze tone, it's also working to give you supple, smooth skin, thanks to a blend of carrot, sea buckthorn, pumpkin seed and pomegranate oils. The best of both worlds!

If you're feeling all dried up and need something super nourishing (I'm thinking, who doesn't at this time of year?!), get yourself Super-Skin Nourisher. Plump, soft, radiant skin is yours while fine lines and wrinkles go the way of the cassette player. It even works on reducing puffy skin, so just watch those bags under your eyes deflate as argan, jojoba, rosehip, sea buckthorn and pumpkin seed oils work to give you the skin you've always wanted.

And often with dry, sensitive skin comes eczema, but help is on the way with Aromatherapy Personals Eczema-Relief. It even works on psoriasis and dermatitis. This wonder mix includes evening primrose, black currant seed, coconut, pumpkin and sea buckthorn oils to give you relief from that dry, flaky, even red look and that crazy itchy feel.

You can see why I love NuWorld Botanicals so much. Anything you have, they seem to have a remedy!

p.s. This collection is available in a pump or roll-on.

Stephanie Dickison

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