Dying to Get Clear Headed? All You Need is Mental Clarity by Nuworld Botanicals

At this time of year, I feel like I'm being pulled down by gravity. No matter how much or little I have to do, it seems that everything takes a little more time, effort, energy, etc. And though I try to dedicate myself to completing just one task at a time, before I know it, I'm off and running on 10 different things and I've forgotten my original purpose of the day.

What I am in desperate need of is mental clarity.

Lucky for me, the smart folks at NuWorld Botanicals have got just that, all bottled up and ready to go for me.

First of all, for a blend of pure and essential oils, it is incredibly light and non-greasy. Secondly, it has a surprisingly refreshing scent - that would  grapefruit, basil and lemon oils that are said to helps with concentration and focus. And thirdly, you can use it how you like. So if you like to slather yourself in oil, use it on your body as a moisturizer. Need some added shine and softness to your hair? Use it as a hair and scalp treatment on wet or dry hair - your choice. Are you more of a bath girl? Then add some to your bath water and just watch the clouds of cotton dissolve and the focus come back to you. I can't believe you get to choose which way to apply it!

As you luxuriate in the enriched oil blend of Pomegranate, Passionfruit and Sea Buckthorn seed oils, anti-oxidant vitamins A, B, C + E and omegas-3, 6, + 9 as well as the rare omega-7 fatty acid go to work on rejuvenating, repairing and protecting your hair and skin.

All the well, you are inhaling this lovely, delicate scent and it's helping you get clearheaded again.

This bottle isn't leaving my side. Get your own Mental Clarity right now and be as sharp as you want to be - no matter what time of year or the situation.

Next week, I'll introduce you to more of the amazing NuWorld Botanicals. You won't believe what just a little bottle can do.

Stephanie Dickison

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