My Adoration for Love, Chloé Continues with the New Limited Edition Purse Spray!

It could be said that I've only got eyes for Love, Chloé.

After all, I first fell for the powdery, floral scent back in 2010. I swooned for the Rose Edition soon after and then immersed myself in Chloé Intense last fall.

Now the gorgeous elxir of iris, heliotropine, fresh flowers and musks is available in a purse spray, so that you can slip it into your bag and spritz it on whenever the mood strikes.

I have long loved the iconic Chloé bottle, but this time around, Chloé's outdone herself by enveloping the entire flacon in rose gold. Oh my, it is simply divine! And while it is drop-dead gorgous, it is practical too - it's completely refillable by twisting open the bottom of the bottle and comes with 3 x 10 ml refills

Love, Chloé Purse Spray is available at select Bay Stores across Canada and Holt Renfrew for a limited time only.

Stephanie Dickison

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