My Top Perfume Picks of 2010: Part 1 - Yes, There's Still Time to Shop!

I am a very fortunate gal to be able to swath myself in premium fragrances.

Now I'm passing along my favourite new finds to you, just in time to finally finish off that list of yours (And be sure to check out my past fragrance posts to seek out scents that will thrill and delight this season as well).

This is Part 1. Tomorrow I'll post Part 2.


I have always lusted after Chloe clothes and shoes and purses. And well, everything Chloe. It's no wonder I cannot stop gushing over their new fragrance Love, Chloe.

It is something I imagine Grace Kelly wearing. It has that clean, feminine smell that I imagine extremely rich woman have. However, at no time is it stuck up. It is most definitely approachable, but the scent is so beautiful that it's hard to believe one can really smell like this.

Even the fragrance's colour - soft, peachy pink, like a ballerina tulle - is pretty (and Chloe's iconic shade).
Love, Chloe brings together pink pepper and orange blossom, a blend of flowers, powdery musks, talc and rice powder, which explains why it is so intoxicatingly delicious and fresh. Like nothing else you've ever experienced and yet somehow familiar.

This is what I like to call a "forever" scent.

Completely and utterly heavenly.

Guess has long used modern gals looking quite 1950 in their ads and their scent is just as timeless.

This is a grown up scent to me. Not old lady, by any means, but certainly not sweet and tweeny.  Bergamot, jasmine, orris, vanilla and cashmere wood entwine and develop into a sophisticated, alluring scent that is feminine with a woody finish. It is light, but not frothy, deep, but not heavy.

If you want something that you can wear now, 5 years and 10 years down the road, Guess Seductive is a scent that makes every day feel like a special occasion.

Beyonce's first fragrance Heat gets a remix with this LIMITED EDITION eau de parfum. It's more concentrated, a little more turned up. It's got a southern sweetness and a little bubbly action that tickles your nose. It's definitely sexy - dark red velvet curtains, black garter belts sexy. Red vanilla orchid, osmanthus petals, cedarwood, amber, vanilla and tonka bean will enrapture those around you.

But the best part? You'll feel ravishing too.

Gwen Stefani has always rocked her own style. And it's no wonder her Harajuku Girls caught on. Unique and edgy, they appeal to young women. This is me, you think to yourself. This is who I am.

The Harajuku Lovers Fragrances showcase a different Harajuku Girl with a distinct look, personality and scent.  You then get to select the scent that best describes you, personalizing your fragrance in a way that hasn't been done before. Which one are you?

Knee high socks and petticoats are your thing, as is a confectionary scent highlighted by nectarine, violet and sandalwood

Do you do smoky eyes and dark lipstick? Then this lil gal is for you. The fragrance isn't dark at all though. Succulent plum, champagne, waterlillies and rich amber keep it light and a little sweet, like cream soda.

High end and cutting edge clothing are your thing, yet vintage plays a big role too. This sunny scent playfully brings peach pineapple, watermelon and water aqueous together for a truly joyous romp.

This is one of the gentlest scents, so it's interesting that you'd be all about make-up, elaborate hair styles and flamboyant costumes. Perhaps it's so not everything is vying for attention at once. Juicy apple, fuchsia, peony and iridescent musk makes for a very, very pretty combo.

This style is for the young 'uns, with their bauble bracelets, bows and barrettes, but mixed in with the desserty white peach and red delicious apple, there are some decidedly grown-up memories evoked here, perhaps by the lush orchid, glowing amber and sensual musk.

And therein lies the sheer genius of Gwen's scents - they appeal to all ages.

Check back in tomorrow for Part 2 of My Top Perfume Picks of 2010.

Stephanie Dickison

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