Marvis Toothpaste in Amarelli Licorice Is Simply Divine!

Just a few months back, I tried the impeccable Marvis Toothpaste for the first time.

But oh how it has ruined me - In a good way! 

I cannot go back to regular toothpaste - I tried and I simply couldn't. My teeth didn't feel as clean, my breath not as fresh and they didn't look so white hot either without my Marvis!

And now I've gone and done it - I went and tried Amarelli Licorice and now I've been swept off my feet even further (think handsome footballer changing into Brad Pitt)!

Having a serious salt-tooth, I already adore licorice, but I love how light and slightly minty this one is. It's not sweet like what you're used to licorice being. That's because they've used Amarelli Licorice which is the finest in the world and has little in common with the sugar and syrup-laden candy you've grown up with.

I'll be honest, I never looked forward to brushing my teeth until Marvis came along. And now that's to Marvis Amarelli Licorice, I practically run to the bathroom in the morning and have even been brushing them midday because it's so damn enjoyable!

There are 4 more flavours in the collection. I can't wait to discover the rest!

Stephanie Dickison

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