Live Like the Rich & Famous with Marvis Toothpaste

Every month, I pour over the pages of Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ and Esquire and heavily featured are not just what the rich and famous are wearing, but what perfume they wear, what sheets they slip themselves into and what toothpaste they use to keep their teeth sparkling white.

Time and again, MARVIS, the Italian deluxe toothpaste created 50 years ago, is the top choice.

It's no wonder! The paste was originally created for smokers - to remove stains and freshen their breath - but considering how much wine, coffee, tea, garlic, onions and other teeth-staining drinks and smelly foods we consume, it's the perfect choice for modern day living.

In fact, it's so much better than my cheap drugstore brand that after I tried it (in Classic Strong Mint), I didn't feel the need for gum to freshen my breath like I usually do. And I didn't have to follow up with a whitening toothpaste after, as I have been doing for years. So already it's saved me time and money.

And here's an added bonus - it sated me in a way that I didn't feel hungry for a very, very long time (there's a diet trick of brushing your teeth to ward off hunger - this is the very first time I've experienced that). I think it's because the mint lingers for so long and while it's strong, it's not harsh.

There are 6 other flavours in the collection - Ginger Mint, Jasmin Mint, Aquatic Mint, Whitening Mint, Cinnamon Mint and Amarelli Licorice - that I can't wait to try.

You've never had toothpaste this good (it's actually delicious, but don't eat it) or this pretty (the tube itself makes it a lovely gift item)!

Shop Marvis Toothpaste now
, available at retailers including Anthropologie and American Apparel.

Stephanie Dickison

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