Special Technology Report: You've Got to Get the NEW Dell Inspiron One 2320 All-In-One Computer!

Since most of us live and breathe on our computers, having an ideal setup makes all the difference in your day, in your work, in your productivity.

One of the most revolutionary changes to make workday - and thus, my entire day - came thanks to Dell's NEW Inspiron One 2320.

This slim and trim all-in-one desktop is a fantastic option for families who can access entertainment as well as information or those of us who spend a time of time working away at screen.

The first thing I noticed is that because the screen is upright, only 66 mm thin and held up by a clear kickstand back, really the only real estate on my small desk that was taken up was the keyboard and mouse. It freed up so much space that I felt like not only more room to work, but room to breathe. Talk about a gift! You can choose to mount it to the wall as well, which is a fantastic way to work, don't you think? And with only the one power cord, your desktop remains uncluttered. At least until you dump all of your paperwork on it, anyway. Which makes me think this is a great option if you have room in the family room and/or kitchen too.

The other thing was the huuuuuge screen (23” WLED with 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) resolution). What a difference it makes! In fact, the first day I got less done than usual because I could see so much more - more tabs open, more documents to read - but after that, I became more efficient because everything was right there and I didn't have to go searching for it.

Then there was my posture. My fella is always worrying about my back because I hunch over my laptop all day. Despite having it elevated and a supportive chair, I still tend to bend my body into a "c" shape while I work. But because the screen is so big and upright on the Inspiron One 2320 my neck and posture remained straight. My body felt so much more relaxed not only throughout the day, but at the end of the day as well.

The keyboard is one of the nicest I've ever used. Easy on the fingers and compact without being hard to navigate, you'll have a hard time using others after this Rolls Royce version.

And out of all the computers I've tested and tried (I wrote for PC World Canada and Mac World Canada, amongst other tech publications and sites), the Inspiron One 2320 is by far the most fun to use. First of all, there's the touch screen aspect that gives my tired mouse hand a rest and makes me feel like I'm in Minority Report. And if you've got l'il ones, it comes pre-loaded with touch games like “Bug Blast” and “Drum Zone,” so they can get in on the fun too! Secondly, the feature Dell Stage lets you place "shortcuts to documents, music, photos, videos, and frequently used web pages right on the desktop," that look and feel like tiles, making them easy to see and access. This helps me track everything that I'm working on without having to go searching for everything. What a relief!

And Stage also includes SyncUP powered by Nero that "synchronizes content across other supported devices in your home network, and offers 2GB of free personal cloud storage to access and store favourite content anytime, from anywhere connected to a Wi-Fi network with browser access." So now you can work without being tethered to your desk. Whether that means while you're away on vacation or simply working out in the living room, this gives you options.

Thanks to the Intel 2nd generation Core i processor options, it's fast. Superfast. It's got built-in Wi-Fi and an HD webcam, so whether you're streaming HD movies or videos or making 'em, you know it's going to be great quality. And if you get the optional remote, you can watch TV on it too.

It's the perfect combination of family entertainment centre and work station rolled into one sleek computer.

If a new computer is on your list this year, I highly recommend Dell's Inspiron One 2320. It's got everything you want, plus a lot more that you'll soon discover you can't live without.

Stephanie Dickison

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