Beyoncé's Latest Fragrance Gets Your Pulse Racing

Beyoncé's fragrances are always a joy to review because they are unequaled and so distinct, yet always with a depth and warmth to them that make them especially enticing.

Having already fallen for Heat and Heat Rush, I couldn't wait to see what her latest scent, Beyoncé Pulse, offers.

I know that a lot of beauty writers spend a lot of time on the bottle, but for me it's not usually something that floors me. But the design of Pulse's bottle is completely revolutionary - this girl should design Oscars and other awards because it is stunning. What a work of art!

And the fragrance of course is just as arresting.  It's packed with sensual notes, making it decidedly feminine, and yet there is such strength to it that it couldn't have been made by anyone other than B. herself.

The scent includes her favourite flower, the orchid, but what I get is sun and sand and suntan lotion - a kind of coconut, drinks on the beach, kind of vibe. Perhaps it's the Blue Curacao accord that I'm drawn to that's entwined with fresh Pear Blossom and frosted Bergamot here. Or maybe it's the warmth of the florals that makes me think of the islands - the Bluebird Orchid, Peony and Midnight Blooming Jasmine. I know that some of the enticement comes from Madagascar Vanilla, Musk and precious Woods. The combination is like a holiday in a bottle - without any of the expense or sun damage!

Beyoncé Pulse is the perfect winter scent because it brings the fun and sun of vacation and travel right to the comfort of home, with the added bonus of being an alluring perfume to boot.

If you want something a little different, a little exciting, get Beyoncé Pulse
2012 just got a little more exciting.

Stephanie Dickison

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