Feel the Rush with Beyonce's Heat Rush!

And as only Beyonce can do, she's put a hot spin on it with her latest fragrance, Heat Rush.

When I first put it on, most of what I got was fruit - Brazilian Cherry, Passion Fruit Sorbet and Blood Orange. I'm more of a floral gal, so I wasn't quite sure about this at first.

But after a few moments, warm floral scents emerged.  Yellow Tiger Orchid, Mango Blossoms and Orange Hibiscus were revealed. Ooh, that's nice.

Then, the tropical sandy beach feel of Rio Sunset Musk and sexy notes of Honey Amber and Teak Wood unfolded into this exotic, intoxicating blend that really is incredibly captivating.

I like that it encapsulates me and anyone who's with me. I feel powerful, and yes, fierce, when I wear it. In that way, it most definitely feels like Beyonce in a bottle.

Get your own Heat Rush. It will be available at Sears and select drug stores across Canada in March.

Stephanie Dickison

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