Hugh Johnson's Wine Journal Hits the Shelves for the Holidays

Despite being a food writer and restaurant critic, I know only some skeleton basics about wine and that's it. The rest remains a mystery.

That's why I think Hugh Johnson's New Wine Journal is a fantastic gift this season - no one knows everything there is to know about wine. Uh, except for Hugh perhaps.

See, Hugh has been writing about wine since the 70s. He wrote The World Atlas of Wine, The Story of Wine and Uncorked, his biography. The guys steeped in the stuff.

In this beautiful guide, there's room for tasting notes so you can keep track of what you like. And Hugh will show you what kinds of wines to try in various grape varieties, based on those likes. Of course things like opening, serving and storing wine is covered, which will help while you entertain this holiday season, but for me, I like the sections on wine - white, sparkling, rose, red and fortified wines. There are food and wine pairings included here as well, so you can host parties with not only ease, but confidence. That's a gift all it's own, don't you think?

This guide has captivating photos,  lots of room to write and even a ribbon place marker so you know where you left off.

Hugh Johnson's New Wine Journal keeps giving well after you've finished reading it. To me, that's the sign of a truly great gift.

Stephanie Dickison

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