Hagina Oil from Julie Moore, Zen Shiatsu Therapist, Soothes And Heals

Back in August, I had the great pleasure and honour of getting the most luxurious and unique treatments from Julie Moore, Zen Shiastu Therapist at her studio on the waters of Whitby.

Such an intuitive person, she added Hagina Japanese Mint Oil to a bowl of water for me to inhale while she rubbed away the stress I've been carrying around for decades. I say intuitive because I don't remember telling her I get awful headaches and migraines (It seems to come on when there's low barometric pressure, which seems to have increased over the years), and despite headache and migraine medication,  they continue to plague me.

Julie must have sensed this when she added the mint oil.

See this oil is made to soothe headaches, along with:

- promotes blood circulation
- chest rub for chest and head colds
- relieves tight muscles and cramps.
- relieves rheumatic pain
- treat sprains, swellings, dislocations, sport injuries and
- headaches.

The only ingredient is pure, natural Japanese oil, yet it heats, heals and penetrates like nothing else I've ever used. Just inhaling its scent right out of the bottle makes my pounding headache less intense.

Julie uses only the very best products in her treatments. You can also buy them from her spa in Whitby. She does gift certificates too, which make fantastic and easy presents this holiday season.

Stephanie Dickison

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