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Like you, I'm guilty of using something until it wears out. Over the years, I've come to replace bras, bedsheets and other items much more readily than I used to.

But I still have a lot to learn, it seems. I just recently discovered that you should be replacing your razor blade every 3-4 or 5-10 according to experts. 


While this might be obvs to much of the world, it's the first I'm hearing of it, and boy did I have it wrong.

I've been using a single blade on my gams for months. MONTHS. 

Now I've gotta step it up and apparently buy razors as often as coconut water.

Of course it is better for you, me and the environment to buy a single razor and just replace the blades, so that means going out once or twice a week to get new ones. Uh, as much as I covet smooth legs, I can barely fit in getting groceries, never mind an extra trip to the drugstore. This is gonna be a problem.

Or at least it was until I discovered ShaveSmart, a subscription service for just this purpose.

This is such a saving grace because you never to worry about running out or even worse, living with stubble. 

Smooth skin is here to stay.

Here's a quick overview:

1. Razor and blades

 is such a serious upgrade from my supermarket razor, I feel like I'm at spa each time I use it. Instead of having to use considerable pressure across my gams, it takes almost no effort for it to glide over my skin. Like gentle cat's paw, it swivels and pivots over all your curves and ridges with the lightest touch and nary a scrape.

A razor with a wide pivoting head usually means spending big bucks. Here, it's just part of the amazing package. So enjoy the pliability as it softly slides across your knees, calves and ankles (the fellas will love it for all their chiseled angles) with the speed and grace of a slalom skier. Close shave? You'd better believe it.

The blades themselves are of note - five get spread out across the head, so when rinsed under water, it actually rinses clean unlike those cut-rate shavers. There'e even a lubricating strip of aloe and vitamin E to keep things looking and feeling super soft and smooth. So yes, even if you have sensitive skin, SS has got you.

And replacements? There's a lovely button that makes it easy to switch them out. No fumbling around or worrying you'll cut yourself. They really have thought of everything.

ShaveSmart's body is aerodynamic and ergonomic with a raised, rubberized handle for a secure grip. Easy and comfortable to hold, it's still got a nice heft to it, which I appreciate.

And the metallic blue mixed with white, while not feminine, is at least unisex, and will look good no matter what your bathroom decor. The colour for some reason makes me think of Chris Pine, which can't be a bad thing, right?

It feels incredibly good in the hand and on your skin, and ain't bad lookin' either. Already lightyears ahead of my cheap orange thingy.

2. Convenience factor

Huuuuuge. They're delivered to your door as often as you wish so you can spend time on more important things (yes, finishing the entire season of "The Night Of" is considered very important). Shaving Plans are available in three conducive time periods:

Once a month
Shavesmart blades = $9 

Every two months
8 blades = $18

Every three months
12 months = $24

3. Price

It IS absolutely affordable. Not just the subscription price, which includes free shipping and handling (Canada only), but there's a free trial, where you get:

- One Shavesmart razor handle
- One 5-blade head

Total worth $14. You pay just $4 to cover shipping.

The website states: "Our blades cost so little we recommend changing blades every week. No need to stretch the shaving life of your blades."

They're right, but I just went from only changing mine out every few months to this, so baby steps for now (I'll get there quickly at these prices, though).

4. Take it easy

Not only will this change your shaving game, they've made it even easier for you - cancel or change your plan at any time. ShaveSmart is as flexible as their razor head.

5. Guaranteed

ShaveSmart's so sure you're going to love it, they offer to refund your payment if you're not satisfied.

6. Packaging

Their packaging is eco and minimal - a small, thin kraft cardboard box slides open to reveal the razor and blades in plastic protectors. That's it. Just what was needed. These guys are good.

7. Giving back

Ten percent of proceeds go to  Generations Foundation of Canada, to help feed hungry children. Told you they were good.


ShaveSmart isn't just a fanatic razor -  it's the ultimate solution for our busy lives. So shop right now for your free trial. What have you got to lose?


Stephanie Dickison

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