Relax & Unwind with the Unique Services of Julie Brigitte Moore, Zen Shiatsu Therapist

There are few experiences in life that are as transformative and enriching as this.

This goes far beyond what you've experienced thus far as a "massage." This is whole mind, body, spirit experience that you will never forget.

Julie Brigitte Moore, Zen Shiatsu Therapist, has a peaceful and private Zen studio in the Whitby Shores area. It is a complete oasis from the stresses of life. Descending the spiral staircase, you immediately start to shed layers of stress, knowing what bliss lies ahead.

You enter the foyer. On the left is a wall of fame - celebrities that have come for Julie's miracle sessions - and on the right, an exquisite bathroom with a stand-up shower in case you're coming or going to work, lush towels, candles and soaps that you see in the pages of magazines.

There is a cozy lounge complete with fireplace. But it's the treatment room where you'll be spending your time.

A complete feeling of relaxation washes over you here, as everything is pristine and beautiful.

It's not just the completely unique zen treatments she offers:

- and the forthcoming Zenify your Life Program 

It's all the extra touches - hot detoxifying tea before and after your session and the linens - no scratchy cotton here just soft, sumptuous sheets and thick sheepskin underneath to keep you both comfortable and warm. 

I experienced the Zen Hybrid Massage for 90 mins. which is a mix of her techniques and the ideal way to get introduced to all of Julie's spectacular talents and ways. It incorporates "various techniques such as guided relaxation, Zen Shiatsu, deep tissue Bamboo Fusion and natural Chakra stone balancing. It is an excellent healing combination as essential oils and massage has mutually enhancing effects.The choice of essential oils is based on your personal needs."

She also asked me about how much pressure I was comfortable with and if I was warm enough. It's like having your best friend take care of you, but catering to your every need with tenderness, kindness and a pure heart.

With her shiatsu training, Julie can get deeper than most therapists. She knew things about my body that I never spoke aloud. This a whole body/mind/spirit treatment that will make you feel better than you've felt in decades. She massaged me with her feet, hands and warmed bamboo that you won't be able to tell isn't Julie herself.

I have a very hard time relaxing and letting go, but in Julie's hands, I felt safe and able to let go of whatever I was holding onto. Other than my fiance and best friend, I've never felt that before.

I feel such gratitude to have had the opportunity to experience Julie's warmth and care. Everyone should be so lucky.

You can be one of the lucky ones - here's how:

- Visit Julie at her Zen studio in Whitby which is just 40 mins from downtown Toronto. You can drive or take the GO Train (she's a minute away from the station).

- People from around the globe visit Julie when their in the province on business. Book an appointment with her on your next trip!

- Julie can come to you. Julie is a guest therapist at spas around the world. Ask the spa near you to have Julie come so you can experience the most luxurious treatments.

Explore the Julie Brigitte Moore Zen Therapist website and book yourself for an appointment. It will be one of the single best things you can ever do for yourself.

And don't you deserve that?

Stephanie Dickison

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