Dress Up in Style - And Extreme Comfort - with Neon Buddha This Holiday!

I love all of the holiday festivities and celebrations, but oh-my-god, what am I going to wear? I can't wear that same black dress that I've been wearing for the last decade. I just can't.

So I went in search of interesting clothes that stand out from the crowd and that have intriguing finishes and flourishes. I found it all at Neon Buddha, my new favourite haunt.

The line is a  "lifestyle clothing collection for travel, home, work, yoga and you," and while they make unbelievable beautiful, comfortable clothes, you should know a few important things about them:

- The collection is designed in Canada and then "produced and managed by a team of 300 women in Chiang Mai, Thailand."
- The company makes sure that their staff are well taken care of, providing them with free English classes and extending that offer to their family and friends.
- Using solar power to heat water and recycled materials are just a few ways this amazing company is transforming itself and the planet.
- 1% of all sales of each garment will be donated to various projects to make the world a better place.

Those are just a few reasons to shop at Neon Buddha. Here's another one - The Ruffle Collar Jacket. To me, this is the perfect holiday season jacket. It's festive, pretty and dressy, but it comes with a secret - it's stunningly comfortable because it's a blend of 94% cotton and 6% spandex (pre-shrunk, which means you can machine wash and dry it at home, saving on dry cleaning bills!). You no longer have to fidget and itch for hours in yet another outfit that you'll wear for one holiday party and then never don again!

And this attractive jacket works for the office, dinner out with friends and many other occasions, but if it's okay with you, I'm calling it my party jacket because it makes me want to dance and celebrate and sing!

I love the ruffles on the collar and pockets (it's like modern Elizabethan) and punched tin buttons (they look like mother of pearl to me). I'm also grateful for the fact that it skims your body so it flatters instead of making it look all boxy - which means you can put it over a dress or pair it with a skirt or pants. It's completely versatile.

And they have created so many beautiful items, so be sure to shop their entire line of pullovers, jackets, long-sleeved tops, short-sleeves tops, pants/crops, skirts/shorts, dresses/tunics and shirts. Shop the Autumn/Winter 2011 and Spring/Summer 2012 collections.

You can see why I'm completely smitten with Neon Buddha.

So contact a US or Canadian Customer care consultant by phone: 800-315-4408 or email info@pureandcompany.com. To request a catalogue, please click here. If you're in Europe, please call +44-207-193-4448.

Stephanie Dickison

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