Just Mobile's AluPen is the Only iPad/iPhone/iPod Stylus You Need

The iPad doesn't come with a stylus, of course.

It's an added accessory that you probably have to buy eventually to not only navigate your way through pages and posts, but to add written notes, sketch out ideas and use certain applications.

But have you seen the styluses out there? I went to a big box store, figuring they'd have the best selection and though they offered 3 brands, all the them were the exact size and shape. The only difference was the company you were buying it from.

And while the standard stylus will certainly do the job, why would you settle for that when there's the Just Mobile AluPen?

This awesome accessory works for the iPad/ iPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touch and there is much to love about it's design:

- it's at least twice as wide as other styluses, so it feels good in your hand and gives you more control
- because it's aluminum, it's super light, which means you can use it for hours without fatigue setting in
- the soft rubber nib is wide, making it much easier to write and draw than with the standard thin ones
- it comes with a sweet carrying case, so you never have to worry about it lolling around the bottom of your bag somewhere
- it won the Spark Award (Silver in 2010)
- you can choose from 8 awesome colours (I got Blue)

Take your iPad/ iPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touch to the next level with Just Mobile AluPen

Stephanie Dickison

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