Junkmill on Etsy - Your Source For Amazing Digital Collage Sheets!

Chandra Orr of Michigan has created something very unique with Junkmill, her Etsy online shop.

Out-of-the-ordinary, completely extraordinary digital collage sheets that have an edge to them are far beyond what the big box craft stores offer you. These not only evoke another time, another place, but are so rich in colour and quality that even if you don't scrapbook or DIY craft, you'll be cutting out these images to paste onto your notebooks, kitchen utensil containers and anything else you can get your hands on!

Whether you're into vintage, steampunk, victorian or gothic aesthetics, you'll be swooning over Chandra's incredible creations. There really is something for everyone:

- The Corset Sheet boasts images that will please both fashionistas and vintage clothing lovers. I love how thick and sturdy the paper is. It feels like it's from that time period.

- Ooh, the Vintage Labels Sheet makes me want to stay home and cover everything in these. The Vintage Liquor ones as well. The fine paper has a slight gloss and texture to it. The gold bits really pop and shine. And of course the colours too. It's like having stuff right out of that time period but in mint condition - the best of both worlds, if you ask me!

- I had an apartment once that friends called Zen Therapy. It was serene with Asian accents everywhere. Despite having moved on from there both physcially and decoratively decades ago, I still have an affinity for Asian images and art. The Asian Ephemera 2 Sheet Set satiates my desire to always have that beauty surround me.

- My amazingly talented friend Diana who bookbinds and makes incredible stationery would love to get her hands on this Vintage Metallic Paper and make something. Me? I'd write a letter to someone on it. It's too stunning not to share.

- Know someone who loves words? Vintage Vocabulary Sheets are a hoot.

- You don't have to pick a side - Cats & Dogs offers something for all animal lovers!

- And if you can't decide (I know, right? It's all so incredible!), get the Mini Medley and Mini Medley II Sheets or the Very Vintage Collection that gives you a bit of everything.

- With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, this Love Sheet will come in awfully handy.

- Junkmill is famous for the Zombie Pin Ups, also available in 1" images and circles. It's no wonder. Don't you just love these? In fact, they almost make a better valentine, don't they?

Can you believe how beautiful they are and that you get all of these images for just a few dollars? It's no wonder I want one of everything.

In addition to digital collage sheets, Chandra also offers gorgeous Vintage Matchboxes that are a fantastic gift or display. Oh, and there's Mini Envelopes and Tags too. You'd better start writing all of this down...

You can see why I am completely addicted to Junkmill. I think you'll be too once you see how incredible the quality is. Shop now and see for yourself.

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Stephanie Dickison

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