Become An Instant Expert with the Windows® Phone 7 Plain & Simple Book

I love technology, so when I get a new phone or gadget, I can't wait to get right in there and play around.

Not everyone enjoys it as much as I do, however. And really, it can be completely intimidating and confusing if you haven't worked with that type of technology before. 

So if you've got yourself a new Windows phone, I recommend getting a copy of Michael Stroh's Windows® Phone 7 Plain & Simple.

This incredibly fun and easy guide is colourful with tons of screenshots and photos so that you can follow everything step-by-step without fear of getting lost along the way. And thanks to everything being explained without the use of technobabble or computerspeak, you won't feel intimidated or left behind with this guide in your hands.

This book can help you do everything from learning what each key does to setting up your phone and personalizing it. Want to learn how to manage your call history, sort and search through your email, post something to Facebook or get real-time traffic conditions? You can learn all of that here and so much more (texting, working with the calendar, browsing the web, playing music and video, taking pictures and videos, apps, games, Office mobile and how to sync with your PC).

I love that you don't have to read the book cover to cover, if you don't want to. Just pick out the areas you need help with. Of course, if this is your first phone of this kind, a good read from beginning to end might just quicken the process for you.

The print is comfortable enough to read without squinting and really, the annotated, full-colour photos go a long way in getting you the info you need quickly. It's like having a Microsoft IT person right there alongside you.

But on your time, when you want the information.

Is there any better way?

Buy Windows® Phone 7 Plain & Simple and get the most out of your phone.

Stephanie Dickison

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