Photojojo's Mobile Phone Camera Lenses Add A Whole New Dimension!

Photography has become a viable hobby for many people, know that we all have digital cameras and cellphones and can post things online in just a few seconds.

Photojojo is one of the best places online to learn how to take amazing pictures and use simple tricks to take them up a notch. Their newsletter drops them right into your inbox twice a week.  You won't believe how much fun it is to do their suggested projects like How to Turn Black & White Photos into Full Colour Images and How to Make Your Cell Phone Look Like Your Favourite Camera!
And you've got to check out their store - there is so much to see and do!

As a person always on the go, I don't always remember to bring my camera with me, but I do keep my cellphone on my person at all times.

That's why I am lovin' Photojojo's Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses. I can be quite the photog without having to lug around big, heavy equipment or have to remember to pack my camera wherever I'm going.

And since Photojojo is all about quality, you get high-clarity glass cell phone lenses that are just like what the pros use, except these are made camera phone-size. Aww!

The fisheye and combo wide-angle/macro lenses can be bought bundled, or separately. I recommend getting both, so that you have a range to choose from when out in the field!

What I love is that they don't just work with iPhones (in fact, the sticky lens rings don't actually work with the new iPhone 4, so ha!), but with my Blackberry and older flip phones. Soo cool!

You simply stick the detachable magnetic ring around your cell's lens and then add either the wide-angle/macro lens (good for capturing a lot of stuff in one frame or great detail, like the picture of the couple at the top of this post) or the fisheye lens for a psychedelic take on things.

Here's a photo of my "home office" (read: desk at the end of our bed - sorry for the mess) using the fisheye lens.

Isn't that fun?

Each lens comes with 2 magnetic rings (4 in the bundle) and a lens cap, so you can keep them tucked away in your bag safely for when you want to capture the moment.

Buy yourself some and then get a bunch of gifts.  Because we both know it's a way cooler gift than that sweater you were going to buy. And with Christmas less than 2 months away (I know, I know), you'd better start thinking about this stuff.

Photojojo rocks my world. Go ahead and rock yours too!

Stephanie Dickison

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