The LoPocket - Your Boot's New BFF

Have you felt my purse lately? It weighs a ton.

So any chance to just take a few things with me on a walk or a quick run to the store is greatly appreciated!

But I didn't expect it be look so good.

The LoPocket is a brilliant invention - it allows you to carry your cellphone (it fits the iPhone and Blackberry, for instance), money, keys, cards (so many cards!), makeup and whatever else you deem necessary, while adorning your boot with flair and jauntiness.

The pocket is made of durable, sturdy 100% cotton that closes with a neat gold clasp. A black elastic band wraps around your boot (or pant cuff), keeping your valuables secure and giving your boot added personality.

Made in Portland, Oregon, these little beauties are fun, fashionable and a fantastic Fall & Winter addition to your wardrobe.

Choose your colour and be free, finally, of your heavy handbag!

Stephanie Dickison

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