Special Technology Report - The Nokia E71 Phone is Sleek, Sexy & Stylish

I am not going to lie - the design of my phone is as important to me as the functions it comes with.

So when I saw the sleek and sophisticated Nokia E71, I was completely taken with it. I mean, not only is it thin, but it's got this stellar stainless steel look that is sexy and alluring.

You just want to reach out and touch it.

Which is the just the kind of feel you want your phone to have. After all, you're on it ALL THE TIME.

And though it's as thin and pretty as any gossip girl, it's no lightweight.

First of all, it's a perfect blend of business and social that you've been craving in a phone, but never been able to find - until now.

See, it allows you to have 2 modes - one for work and one for personal use. Which is smart, because although your 2 lives intersect, it doesn't mean that your contact and emails should.

You can customize each home screen so that you can identify which mode you're in at a glance and access them at the touch of a single button. So forget about carrying around 2 phones or having to constantly sift through phone numbers and messages. The Nokia E71 has got you covered!

Look, you need a phone that can live up to the demands of your busy lifestyle. You need a phone that will simplify life, not complicate it. The Nokia E71 is a life coach in a beautiful, slim device (slimmer than the rest, allowing you more room in your purse and pockets) that can help you maintain a balance between work and life.

The full QWERTY keyboard makes texting and email a breeze and let's face it - you can't do business on a phone without one (if you're doing work on a flip phone, you might as well be doing it on a typewriter).

The Nokia E71 runs on Symbian OS - Nokia's mobile operating system and one of world's most popular - so you get a reliable phone that does what you need it to when you need to do it.

Of course you're going to want to use the calendar and email functions, but you're going to love the dedicated one-touch keys (home, calendar, contacts, email) and accelerated scrolling with the NaviKey (with notification light) that allow you to work quickly.

When you're making a call, why be all 1992 about it with regular dialing when you can voice dial. That way, you can do two things at once (and you're going to do two things at once anyway, so why not at least make it easy on yourself?). And you'll want to set your phone to have it tell you who's calling as well. Just listen for the identification and you'll know whether it's worth stopping what you're doing. Talk about working smart!

The built-in GPS isn't just for work, you know (girlfriend getaway, ASAP) and the 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus and flash allows you not only photos (you're going to want pics of that getaway), but video. Yeah, that's right - you just stepped up your game this much.

And I could go on and on, but there's a ton of reasons you'll love it and why it was named "Test Best Cell Phone" in Wired's November issue.

And I bet you just want to go out and see for yourself.

Go to Nokia and find a store near you. The E71 is waiting for you.

Stephanie Dickison

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