Celebrate the G20 with Putumayo Presents South Africa CD!

Over at Pan Magazine, Chris and I are blogging about all the G20 and the foods of each country.

Today I posted about South Africa's cuisine, so I thought it would be fun to tell you about their music as well.

No one does world music better than Putumayo and one of their latest releases is South Africa.

It includes many musical styles such as mbaqanga, kwela and township jive, among others, and you will no doubt be moved beyond words. The simple joy and celebratory feeling that is evoked throughout the CD is like nothing else you've ever experienced.

From the very first track of the Soul Brothers' "Ujaheni," you'll be up outta your chair, dancing and feeling great from head to toe. And the very last track from The Soweto Gospel Choir will give you goosebumps. Can you say all of this about the latest Jonas Brothers CD?

I love the swish and sway that comes with "Mbombela" and the plinky melody of "Oxam." Maube has such a lovely rich voice. And "Nkosi" has such a modern vibe - it's like listening to a more elegant Black Eyed Peas!

I won't give away the whole album, just know that it is a wonderful vibrant collection that will having you smiling the whole way through.

Isn't that what your day needs way more of?

I thought so.

And in addition to being an amazing way to spend your time, a portion of Putumayo's proceeds from the sale of this CD will be donated to Artists for a New South Africa (ANSA), a non-profit organization working in South Africa to combat HIV/AIDS and advance human rights.

Oh, and as if that's not enough, you get a South African recipe too!!

Buy a bunch of 'em right now and support an important cause, all the while dancing and singing to your heart's content.

Just about the best way to spend your day, wouldn't you say?

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Stephanie Dickison

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