GIfts for Every Occasion!

So now that it’s fall, it seems that everyone has moved, renovated, started a new job or is about to have a baby, so I’ve perused the globe’s best gifts to bring you unique picks that will show you care.

Happy Shopping!

Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor of the knack

For Your Sweet Toothed Pal

Non-Candy Necklace from inedible art

Those tangy candy necklaces with their individual colour discs are a part of your childhood that never leaves you and comes rushing back as soon as you see one – the smell of wet great, the squeak of chalk on the board at school, and your best friend’s ever present Hubba Bubble bubblegum.

Now you can have that string in your teeth feeling all the time with this e-x-a-c-t replica that comes in a fun, retro plastic bag. You’ll just have to resist nibbling at it – trust me, it’s tempting!

The necklace comes in two “flavours” or styles: original pastel with 6 colours (pink, yellow, blue, green, orange and white) and University of Texas colours (burnt orange and white).

And get this - they are under $10! So get a whack of them – because the goal of the non-candy necklace, says creator and founder of inedible art Barbara Fellman, “is to enable young girls and women to create a fashion statement while helping to end hunger. One dollar from the sale of each non-candy necklace will be donated to the food bank.”

Fullman is also known for her PIZZArt potholders and pads, the “Mittisse” sub glove and the “Pie-Casso hot pade that looks like a raspberry pie with lattice crust.”

These are really fun and unique products, and they’re HANDMADE. Isn’t that everything you want in a gift?

So look at the menu and someone will be over shortly to take your order.

Me? I’m getting pizza AND pie!!

For the Mom-To-Be

Putumayo Kids Presents Brazilian Playground CD

The CD cover describes it as “a lively musical journey that will transport children from the rainforest of the Amazon to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.”

Now doesn’t that sound more enticing than Barney?

And just think, you’ll be able to sing along to the songs without wanting to strangle someone.

That’s worth the price of the CD alone.

For the Friend Always Checking Herself Out in the Mirror

Model in a Bottle

Look. We all have them. That friend that doesn’t stop primping or coiffing, that adjust everything at least twice when passing a mirror or window.

And yet, we still love them. Despite having to stop at their side every time they slow down to take a long gander at themselves.

Have a got a cure for you – well, for you to give them, actually.

It’s Model in a Bottle and it holds your makeup in place ALL DAY – no smears, smudges or touchups!

In fact, it’s resistant to tears, humidity and water so it’s suitable for whatever mood or occasion. Isn’t that amazing?

It comes in original and skin sensitive formulas and all you do is spray it on lightly after applying your makeup and letting it set.

So, instead of just getting one bottle for Miss Look-At-Me, I’m getting one for myself too.

Just because I don’t live in front of the mirror, doesn’t mean I can’t put my best face forward each and every day.

And with the film festival in town and Galas happening for George and Brad, it couldn’t have come at a better time…

For the Tea Lover

Numi Certified Organic Teas

I love a good hot, soothing cup of tea and Numi sure knows how to make a good cup.

These teas are not only Certified Organic, but Fair Trade Certified, Kosher & Pareve and Halal. The sachets are made of biodegradable materials and each envelope has a saying on its front to calm and center you while your tea brews.

The smokiness and depth of Numi teas are what I think sets them apart from the rest.

When I first came across them, about 10 years ago, I had made a cup and sat down in my lovely little apartment living room, surrounded by photos, book and mementoes that meant so very much.

I still remember that first sip – the initial weight of the tea (the quality) and then the sudden lightness that followed (the flavours) and I had 2 pots of tea while trying to figure out what I was going to do with my life – how to work and be creative and honour my friends and family and be a good person all at once.

Numi teas continue to elicit memories and inspire me to make changes in my life. Perhaps it’s the lyrical and poetic names of the selections – their newest being Ginger Sun Lemon Decaf Green, Gen Mai Cha Toasted Rice Green, Velvet Garden White Rose, and White Nectar Osmanthus Spring. Or maybe it’s the palm trees and thatched huts on the packets that make me want to travel and live larger.

Or perhaps it’s the saying on the front of each envelope:

With every sip, a new dream awakes
I journey afar to find my way back home
Earth allows humanity to blossom

Whatever it is, it’s become an important part of my life.

I hope it becomes a part of yours.

For the Constant Traveler

von Natur Does Your Hair & Body Good With its Natural, Organic Ingredients

You might know von Natur for their natural mineral makeup that’s talc, fragrance, beeswas and crueltry-free.

Or perhaps you know them for their Divine Body Line, the Fabulous Line of gels and treatments or the Chaotic Facial Line that detoxifies, clarifies and soothes your skin.

But it’s the von Natur unisex Crown to Sole Shampoo, Conditioner and Complete Body Lotion that is the perfect traveling companion!

They come together in a hard travel case (so if anything spills, it won’t ruin everything in your bag – brilliant!) and the plastic bottles are under the regulated amount for air travel, which means an easier time at airport security.

I like this trio because you have everything you need in 3 little bottles and they smell incredibly good. You can also use the shampoo and conditioner on your body as well as your head so you feel clean all over with no need to carry around extra product!

The shampoo is sulfate and paraben free and essential oils are added for hair stimulation and can even improve flat, dull complexions. There are ingredients like organic aloe vera, organic green tea and sweet basil, you can feel the goodness immediately!

The condition contains charcoal which pulls out impurities like chlorine and leaves your hair looking and feeling healthy. It is 88% organic.

von Natur’s Complete Body Lotion has coconut, jojoba and olive oil so that no matter what part of the globe you’re traveling, you will be soothed, firmed and moisturized from head to toe.

Just think. You’ll have 3 less things to think about packing when you book your next trip, and you’ll smell soo good.

Maybe we should go online now and see what it’s like in Morocco or Paris right now.

Honey, pack your bags…

Stephanie Dickison

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