Bringing Sexy Back, World Style

It’s finally sunny and warm here in the city, so it’s time to break out the car music, the dancing around "I can’t believe it’s finally spring" music and the music to celebrate the return of our libidos and energy after a very long, cold winter.

I know that musical tastes are entirely subjective, but there are songs and CDs that bridge the gap between languages, cultures and musical preferences.

One such CD is Putumayo World Party from Putumayo Music. It is the most celebratory soundtrack for days such as these. It’s filled with 10 songs that will have you dancing all day (and night) long. The compilation includes hip-moving tracks such as “Groovin’ on a Feeling” and “Sunshine Day,” and invigorating artists such as Los Pinguos, Burning Spear and Sarazino, immediately adding an exciting, international flair to your CD collection.

There is a sound of summer that includes horns and a cha-cha-cha rhythm that makes you break out in a little rumba in the cereal aisle and leaves you wanting a cold, crisp glass of sangria and to place a fuchsia flower behind your ear.

There are things that are a must in this warm weather – sun block of the highest degree, a comfortable pair of sandals that also look good and Putumayo World Party in which to groove to on your deck, in the car and in the privacy of your own living room. Thump, thump, thump, drop it like it’s hot.

Oh yeah, I’m bringing sexy back. In-ter-na-tion-al style, y’all.

Come join the party!

p.s. A portion of Putumayo’s proceeds from Putumayo World Party will be donated to Action Against Hunger, an international relief and development organization committed to saving the lives of malnourished children and families while providing sustainable access to safe water and long-term solutions to hunger.

Stephanie Dickison

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