Get Your Groove On With Putumayo World Music

I write about Putumayo World Music over and over again because it is one of the few labels that features worldwide artists and you can always count on perpetually happy music with each and every title!

Recent titles includes Rhythym & Blues, Jazz Around the World and Espana!

Putumayo World Music gives international artists a place to call home and their compilations allow you to enjoy many different musicians and styles all on one affordable disc!

As you can see from their catalogue, they offer a little bit of everything, so that you can listen to African beats and then switch to Louisiana swing! I love that the music is infused with the places and peoples of the area and genre. You really get an authentic glimpse into the music and because there are so many contributors to each CD, you are always being exposed to new artists and sounds. You'll be compiling lists of your favourites right from the very first disc you play...

And so the kids don't feel left out, there's a section just for them (you've got to listen to Sesame Street Playground, where familiar songs you know and love are sung in different languages!) one with And if that's not enough, they give generously to a number of non-profits.

I am a lifelong fan of Putumayo World Music.

I hope you'll give them a listen too.

Stephanie Dickison

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