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As an art lover, I constantly have images around me that mean something to me and that I can spend hours reveling in.

Even as early as 13, I covered my diaries, school binders and walls with pictures town out of magazines, photos of artwork that I couldn't afford and sketches and drawings done by myself, friends and family.

I still cover my daily planner in photos and pictures from magazines. The magnetic board above my little rolltop desk is teaming with images, so many that I have now just starting placing them on top of one another.

To be surrounded by art, I believe, is a beautiful and necessary thing.

So when I found Infectious, I was so excited I didn't know what to do with myself except shout with joy and yes, there was jumping up and down!

Not only does Infectious make skins for your iPods, iPhone, laptops, walls and even cars (how awesome is that?!), but they do it with an actual art community, so you get wicked art that supports artists and you can vote and pick winners with new designs launched weekly (you can submit your own too!). It's portable art for your stuff, so no longer do you have to have a rote phone or computer. It can be completely yours, thanks to Infectious and their amazing roster of artists.

Infectious has created such an amazing material that is incredibly easy to apply, will protect your gear and leaves no residue whatsoever behind.

The only downside? Trying to choose just a few designs out of the many talented artists that have skins available! I had a really, really, REALLY hard time narrowing it down to just a few.

But I fell hard for Silhouette of a Rollergirl by Dana Hawley. She is now a part of me, I mean my laptop. I love the mystery of it, how you can just make out a few of Rollergirl's features, how she's standing, how it's lit... really, just everything about it. And it's such a dramatic change from the blank grey and black stripes of my laptop cover. All of a sudden, my computer's got edge and personality.

Same goes for my phone. It was awfully hard to choose - so I got 2 (I figure I'll change the design halfway through the year).

Fragile by Nate Frizzell is ethereal and somehow simultaneously modern and retro. The soft colours and butterflies add a very calming feel to the piece. I could look at this for hours. To me, it's got the same effect of watching waves slap against the sand - utter peace and tranquility.

Squeeze by Julie West is kind of similar, with a twist - or should I say twisted edge. It's a pretty girl with a bird in muted tones, but it seems like she's squeezing the bird's neck. I know it sounds bad, but the drawing is so pleasing that I love it despite the macabre tone.

There are so many designs from - this is just 3 of out hundreds of fantastic work by really talented, hard-working folks! Please peruse them all and choose your favourites. Then, in a couple of months, come back and get some more! That way, you can change up your tech as much as you like and revel in the work of some truly amazing artists.

Infectious - you're going to want to make this a regular thing.

Stephanie Dickison

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