I Am Getting Organized in the Kitchen, Thanks to Tatutina's Hand-Painted Goodies!

It's Spring Cleaning time and I am starting in the kitchen!

I have 2 areas that are in desperate need of not only organizing, but beautifying at the same time: 1. I have take-out menus that are varying sizes and for everything from Thai to Burgers and and 2. I have recipes that are outta control and need to be filed away.

Tatutina to the rescue! This mother-daughter team makes wonderful hand-painted items with everything from baby gifts and hand-knit children's sweaters to amazing organizational tools such as their joyous take out menu & recipe boxes.

Painted with certified non-toxic materials and paints, these sturdy boxes make a wonderful addition to your home as well as fantastic house warming and hostess gifts!

However, I'm using the take out menu & recipe boxes for myself this time, as well as getting some for gifts. There are so many to choose from and with such fun designs though, it's going to be hard to narrow it down!

The Original Take Out Menu Box is too cute to pass up and it's no wonder - it's been a top seller for the last decade! The black box is festooned with fun and mouth-watering images and finally, I have a place for all of the menus that accompany my daily mail. Now when I feel like some great Chinese or some authentic Indian, it will all be in one, very pretty place!

And for the award for cutest recipe box ever? It's got to be the Oven Recipe Box! Brightly painted and complete with a pie in the oven, oven mitt on the side and sunny index card dividers inside to file all of your recipes by meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. - this big wooden box will be a fantastic addition to any home.

And the best thing about Tatutina items? They are fun, affordable and completely original! So vamp up your space and get organized at the same time - you'll feel like a million bucks in no time!

Stephanie Dickison

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