Tiny Living Offers Fantastic Finds for the Smallest of Places!

I am all for small spaces.

I work at the end of our bed at a small rolltop desk. Out bathroom is compact enough that there is just enough space to turn around from sink to cabinet, but not much more than that. And really, to have it much bigger would be a waste of space and so much more to clean.And we had to decide between a toaster or a coffee maker, because there wasn't enough room for both. We picked the coffee maker as caffeine gets us a lot further than mere toast. So while we are not living in a New York space where you can cook right from the bed, it is cozy and comfy with just enough space for the two of us and our big lump o' feline love, Cosmo.

So when I found Tiny Living, I was thrilled! Finally someone is celebrating and catering to those of us who don't live in sprawling suburban houses that are multi-floored and have more bathrooms than people.

And Tiny Living has everything you need that will actually fit into the spaces that you have, no matter how tiny. They have accessories, appliances/electronics, bath, furniture, hooks, kitchen, lighting, office, organization and utility.

Take the Tiny Kitchen Cookbook, for example. This sweetly illustrated book gives you recipes that are actually manageable, no matter how small your kitchen or how few appliances and casserole dishes you own!

So no matter how cramped your space, know that you'll find what works for your place at Tiny Living!

Stephanie Dickison

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