Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) This Valentine's Day with the Singelringen!

Valentine's Day is wrought with ads of couples cozying up to one another, while any mention of singles on V-Day is accompanied by single girls drinking Cosmopolitans and being all "Sex & The City."

Sheesh. If I were single, I would not appreciate that.

But now there is a way for you celebrate being single without having to consume out-of-date drinks and be all cliched.

The Singelringen is the "world's first ring for single people."

This means that by wearing the Singelringen, you declare that it's good to be single and you join a community of thousands who also wear the ring. Kind of sexy, when you think about it, right?

What I love about it is that finally there is a ring (like the wedding band for couples) that is specifically made for singles. It's about time, don't you think?

And it's beautifully designed. A thin solid sterling silver band is wrapped in a luminescent turquoise acrylic, a great colour that can be worn by either sex. The aqua colour will stand out against your other jewelry as well as catch the eyes of others - always a good thing!

"Made in Sweden" is engraved on each ring, along with a unique registration number. This gives you access to to global online Singelringen Community.

Celebrities have taken to the concept, so it won't be long before the mainstream picks up on it. And until February 14th, you'll receive 30% off!

So get yours now.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the singles out there! Look, you get a night out with the your friends and jewelry! That's waaay better than the requisite couple thing of dinner and a movie, wouldn't you say?!

Stephanie Dickison

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