Make This Your Sexiest - And Most Pleasurable - Christmas Ever With These Sultry Gifts!

I know that you're probably tired from all of the shopping, wrapping, cooking, schlepping, partying, etc., so maybe you're not thinking about sex right now, but think about it for a sec - you've got anywhere from a couple of days off to two weeks off. Isn't sex one of those things that you would enjoy and would relax you?

I thought so!

So here are a few things to help you along and keep you warm and close this holiday season - all of a sudden, the words "Ring-a-ding-ding" have a whole new meaning!

Happy Holidays!

Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor - the knack

To start off...

A desert rose and ecru Sophia satin mask from Pleasure State VIP. This rich and sensual contoured mask is a perfect way to get things started - or makes a very pretty and elegant sleep mask should you fall asleep easily...

For dressing up and then tossing aside...

Have you seen the undies at Andrew Christian?! For both guys and gals, they are some of the sexiest underwear I've ever seen. And they're fun and inexpensive, so if you know what's good for you, you'll stock up on these like I'm going to!

I got the Lifeguard Low Cut Boxer for my fella, and well, I can safely safe that they make me want to be rescued over and over again (is that too much information?!)! The cut is gorgeous and uh, flattering. Very, very flattering. Andrew Christian knows undies and how they should look. And once you've tried 'em, you won't want anything else.

I love the Angel Skull Boxer (sooo bad!) and the Sailor Boxer for nautical naughtiness!

And for the ladies, check out the Women's Collection! How cool is that? And you don't see it in the catalogue yet, but their new Wonderwear is awesome - it's got "buttlifting technology"! The ones I got are tiny black mesh with hot fuschia stitching along the seams with a little fuschia rose on the front. They are sexy and lift your butt to new heights. You actually might not want to take these off...

If you're not wearing this awesome line of underwear, you're missing out. I'm off to stock up now...

To get you in the groove...

OhMiBod Vibrators are awesome. They uh, move to the music of your iPod. So now you can truly "rock out" to Justin Timerlake and The Hives!!

The Classic OhMiBod is a great way to be introduced to the line. How it works is, "The audio enabled integrated microchip allows the OhMiBod ipod massager to vibrate to the beat and rhythm of your music while you listen."

Yeah, and it gets better. You can use the massager on its own! The website says, "Our motor provides strong yet quiet, intense rhythmic vibrations." Uh, yes. Yes it does...

For the specs, look to the website. I don't want to talk about the width and length here. But can I just say how nice looking it is? It is white and chrome like an iPod, pretty and unintimidated, sleek and modern. I really appreciate that as some of the stuff out there is pretty weird - dolphins, Hello Kitty, etc. This is really "the" gift that keeps on giving!

It comes with a 3-foot freedom cord, additional multi-speed end cap for use without a music player, universal headphone connecto, velvet privacy pouch and invitation to share your favorite playlists for your ipod massager on Club Vibe via the iTunes iMix section.

It works with iPods, other mp3 players as well as "laptops, home stereos, portable CD players, microphones, electric guitars - virtually any electronic audio output source with a 3.5mm jack."

You'll have to supply the 2 AA batteries though.

Once you get the rhythmic feel of that, try on the OhMiBod Gspot. It's pink and pretty and made just for your pleasure. It also works out to your tunes, so be sure to put together some playlists just for this. You'll be glad you did!

And for those of you who truly can't get enough, the Boditalk Escort will keep you on the phone all night long.

I'm going to let the OhMiBod folks take this one:

"Boditalk escort is a discreet wearable bullet that is activated by calls made to or from your cell phone when in close range. It will vibrate to a pre-programmed pattern. This little bullet of joy can also be enjoyed without your cell phone, and has 7 stimulating patterns to excite you while you are on the move. Works with all cell phones including Apple's new iPhone™."

So whatever your pleasure, OhMiBod has got something for you. And next time you're dancing around the house? Well, that will just be our little secret...

To finish the night...

Get yourself a Secrets of Tulum Massage Candle. Light it at the beginning of the night. After 30 minutes have passed, blow out the candle and dip your fingers into the liquid soy. It becomes a silky soft massage oil that you can use to help ease all of those holiday tensions away.

And to all a good night!

Stephanie Dickison

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