5 Fun Stocking Stuffers & Last Minute Gifts from the Knack

Time is running out!

Not only do you still have to buy presents, but you have to wrap them, buy groceries and make the food, get the house guest-ready and somehow fit in all the usual daily stuff like work and family, etc.

But don't worry - I am here to tell you that it's going to be okay. You go through this every year and someone it always manages to get done.

So take this list, get it all done and then b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

It's going to be okay. I promise.

Warmest wishes and heartfelt holiday greetings,


Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor - the knack

Kate Grenier Designs LLC

Magnetic expressions in recycled bottle caps.

Handmade, boxed and ready to go, these beautiful and fun magnets are a fantastic gift or stocking stuffer!

The Magnet Six Packs are a great way to indulge someone's interest. If you know a music lover, sea fairer, a chocoholic or bookworm you can show that you really know what they like. I got the office set, which is such fun! My favourite one? I "heart" my job!

But you may just want to go ahead and give into the Christmas Six Pack to pass along the yuletide cheer!

The fridge, filing cabinet and bulletin board, or more specifically - the kitchen, bedroom and office just got a mini-makeover - all for under $20 and every inch homemade with care.

Kate can also make custom and personalized magnets. Contact her for more information, but in the meantime, you can shop for the magnet six packs and get to the rest of that list...

Fruits & Passion

I think that skincare products are a fantastic gift, as it is a little way of pampering someone, even if you don't know them that well.

The New Nourishing Butters with argan from Fruits & Passion is a great winter treat for dry skin and hands. The Nourishing Butter is a great all-over moisturizer that smells fresh and slightly citrus-y with a hint of sunshine. Natural ingredients such as argan, pineapple, avocado, cocoa, carrot, shea, olive and monoi keep your skin smooth, toned and supple. The Hand Butter can be kept in your purse, on the dresser or at your desk for a quick hit of wonderful moisture and relief from dry skin. It also fits nicely into stockings...

Mobile Beauty Mobile Phone Mirror

Tiny enough to fit on the smallest of phone, these mirrors allow you to give yourself a quick once over before hitting the club or restaurant. Or on the subway, in the car or back of a cab.

Really, anytime is a good time. Just peel, stick and have a quick look. Are you good to go?

You are now.

It's a fantastic little stocking stuffer or addition to a greeting card and there are a bunch of fun shapes to choose from. Which ones will you get?

Hidden Fantasy By Britney Spears

Okay, before you say anything - please smell it before you judge it. I'm telling you - this is a freakin' fantastic perfume.! It is really quite mature and not at all a teen fragrance.

Perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux says, "The original inspiration for this fragrance comes from Britney's love for white florals, vanilla and luscious desserts. Drawing from a cherished memory of my own, I built this fragrance with a heart of sensual jasmine and sweet Napolitano cake. Soft fluid woods and Mexican vanilla bean create an inviting base that is balanced with a sparkling and surprising top note... luminous, mouthwatering, and playful."

So instead of basing it on what you think of Brit-Brit, close your eyes and take in the intoxicating smoky fragrance that is exotic and sexy without being too much or too little.

It is just right.

Perfect, in fact.


For the tween or fashionista on your list, Fingr's is a great way to show that you get that it is cool to rock out - all the way down to your fingernails!

Fing'rs Edge Hardcore Nail Addict in Crossbones are so cool, you might just want to keep them for yourself! Black nails, white skulls with a pink gem eye are easily applied with just a drop of glue. That means that Cassie can rock the punk look for a week instead of getting a tattoo or piercing that will last a lifetime...

There are designs to suit everyone - french manicures, solid colours and funky, but not too out there patterns. So browse the collection and pick out something pretty for yourself and the ladies on your list.

That beats a chocolate bar or candy cane any day!

Stephanie Dickison

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