Earworms Are A Wonderful & Original Gift for the Traveler and Language Lover!

For people who travel, chances are they have everything in terms of good luggage, apparel and accessories.

So what do you get the globe-trotter, world-traveler or business person who seems to always be on a plane?

Earworms are a wonderful and original gift from Berlitz! Like no other language program you've ever seen or heard before, Earworms allow you to learn a new language quickly and easily - all while listening to music!

This revolutionary system marries music and repetition, so finally you can enjoy the learning process without straining or exerting yourself - just sit back, relax and listen!

The way it works is that Musical Brain Trainer (MBT) stimulates your mind while you feel like you are simply listening to the music and words - "the music acts as a catalyst for the memorization of words and anchors the new vocabulary deep in the long term memory."

This means that you learn while you don't even realize it. The words suddenly become a part of your memory!

I have spent my whole life wishing I had an ear for language - but now I do, thanks to Earworms!

Each CD comes with a booklet, with memorable lines and hooks. And because it's audio, you can listen while you're in the car, out for a run, on a plane or train, or cleaning the house. That means, you don't necessarily need to set aside time to learn a new language - the system works with whatever your schedule, whatever your lifestyle!

There are 10 languages to choose from - Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

And because it's so much fun, I think I'll try and learn each one!

Earworms makes it possible to learn a new language AND have fun!

I think they are one of the greatest gifts of all time - traveler or not.

Stephanie Dickison

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