Potting Shed Creations, Ltd. Makes It Possible to Have a Beautiful Garden in a Small Space, Apartment, Condo or on a Deck! Ahh – Finally!

Just because I live in a small place with no backyard doesn’t mean I don’t want to garden. Remember how I tried with my Dad’s tomatoes from last summer? Here’s what I started out with and here’s how they did.

Well, those pots are long gone and I never got tomatoes from the seedlings. It's not the pot's fault. It's me. I have no green thumb whatsoever... but I still would like some plants around the place.

So I thought I’d tried the more tried and true method of a professional planting and seed company.

Potting Shed Creations, Ltd. is just that. They specialize in gardening supplies for your backyard or your windowsill in the most beautiful containers. In fact, they carry a lot for your windowsill, which I’m really excited about - living on the third floor, my 4 window sills that face the street are my backyard and I want to grow things just like the rest of you!

So I looked through Potting Shed’s catalogue and found some of the most amazing things to grow on the windows of my home, along with fantastic presents for my friends!

Come see what I got - it’s so much fun!

I got a Rice Hull Garden, which is a complete container garden in “natural, environmentally friendly pots made from renewable grain husks, primarily rice hulls, and organic pigments.”

You can use them inside or out and the pot lasts for about 5 years and is 100% biodegradable! Isn’t that wonderful?!

I got the Ginkgo because it’s one of our oldest trees and you can grow them inside and keep them small. Also, the wide leaves are just so pretty.

Blooms-in-a-Bag is a great option for those that don’t have a lot of space, but want to grow flowers or herbs at your counter or out on your small deck.

I picked the Thai Dragon Pepper for my friend Cindy who’s moving into a new place next month and who cannot get enough spicy food. She has a small deck that she can put it out on or she can keep it on her breakfast bar and watch her small, very hot peppers grow and then use them in her cooking! They grow right out of the bag you get them in, so no potting or real work is required! I think these make wonderful gifts (after all, you can get everything from Petunias to the Thank You Garden)

And the Gardens-in-a-Bag Collection offer a great selection of herbs, flowers, fruits, veggies and greens that you can grow indoors in the leek-proof bag – totally idiot-proof for those of us (me) who are hoticulturally-challenged.

I got the Mini Tomato for my Dad, because the seeds should produce tomatoes in about 2 months (and longer in the winter months) and that way, he won’t have to wait for his one’s in the garden to grow…

And I chose the Just Because because what a great gift to a friend that needs a little pick me up. In fact, I might buy a case of these to hand out to my buddies…

Another fantastic gift are the Growing Wishes Garden Kits that come in Bliss and Joy.

Each kit contains different seed varieties of flowers, which each have a special wish. Aww! You can plant them wherever you like – in or outdoors – so they’re perfect for the apartment dweller or country home person.

And for the person who loves to garden, the Garden-in-a-Pail is the perfect gift! Look at all of the different kinds you can get! Mmm. It’s so wonderful!

I decided on the Mixed Flower for my dearest friend Victoria, because she loves flowers and plants more than anyone I know. She thinks about them and talks about them and once this warm weather hits, her car is full of towering pots and containers full of ‘em! I think they bring her not only great joy, but peace.

I love this mix – marigold, petunia and snapdragon – because it’s so colourful and so beautifully packages. It comes in a large galvanized silver bucket with all of the ingredients, along with a pair of nice gardening gloves (The ones I got are pink! Victoria’s going to love them!). Now that’s a wonderful gift!

Not only are all of these gifts incredibly affordable, but so beautifully packaged. You can give them just as is, without worrying about having to wrap them and they are something that the person can eat or enjoy (don’t eat the flowers) while at home.

Potting Shed Creations, Ltd. makes beautifully packaged gardening options for those of us that live in small places and wonderful gifts that really, I think, are quite thoughtful, as the person thinks of you and your friendship every time they look at their plant!

I can’t say enough great things about Potting Shed Creations, Ltd.

They are simply the best.

Stephanie Dickison

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