Pretty Pots

In the past 4 or 5 years, my Dad has taken to gardening. He grows tomatoes, lettuce and assorted other vegetables and herbs and has expanded his garden patch from the little square in the middle of my parent’s backyard to the driveway between their house and the neighbours.

Pots abound with climbing vines and stalks and every Saturday, he presents me with a plastic bag with the latest clippings.

Recently, he has become fascinated with heirloom vegetables and so has again built up the garden. He recently bought some seeds and instead of the usual pack of 20 or 30, this company sent him 100 per pack. What is he going to do with a 100 winter squash? So he sent some to me, thinking that we could share in this experience. I often buy heirloom tomatoes and such at the market, so he was probably thinking it would save me a little bit of money too.

I am not a gardener or a plant person. I have some bamboo that has traveled with my for the last ten years, but otherwise, I really don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to plants, gardening, really anything with dirt around it.

But I want to give it a go for my Pa. The only way I could do it was to get some really awesome pots that would sit on our kitchen window sill. I found them at Danesco, where you are sure to find lots of other goodies.

3 stainless steel pots that sit in a tray are perfect for my greenthumbs. They prevent water for seeping all over the place and look pretty too. I love good design and Danesco always make products that simplify any task (I'll be featuring more of their stuff in the next couple of weeks because they are that great!).

I am not sure what a good gardener I am going to be, but at least the pots that I put the soil in will look good.

That, and I can buy tomatoes at the store in case it doesn’t work out.

Stephanie Dickison

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