Under the Nile Celebrates Its 10th Year in Business and Offers Up the Cutest Soft Toys for Kids!

Now normally I don’t cover kids and baby products. After all, there are a million Mom blogs that can do it better than I can.

But as a woman in her thirties, I have a lot of friends who are pregnant and a lot of showers to go to, which has me searching the globe for great baby gifts.

I knew I found something great when I came across Under the Nile.

This company carries products made out of 100% pure organic cotton and their dyes are free of any harmful colours and chemicals. Their products are fair traded and there is free health care for all of their workers.

Finally I can buy a beautiful baby gift that’s not covered in plastic and I can feel good about giving.

My favourite of all is the Crate with Veggies.

These sweet-faced, smiling veggies are so lovely that you may just want to get a crate yourself and put them on your desk at work!

There are 4 soft organic cotton veggies - a carrot, mushroom, green bean and tomato. They are made and stuffed with 100% organic Egyptian cotton and are only $26, which I’m telling you is far less than you’d pay at the mall for a baby gift.

There are tons of other great things at Under the Nile – clothes, blankets, etc. – but don’t forget to get your veggies on the way out!

And be sure to check out the 13 Villages Project while you’re there. It’s incredible.

Stephanie Dickison

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