Throwing a Party? Then You’re Going to Need Palette Fine Foods Jellies and Preserves from Dave’s Gourmet!

It seems nowadays that everyone’s hooked on the Food Network and is taking cooking classes.

I think that’s wonderful, but there’s not much time during the week to make things from scratch – at least not for me. I'm all about making tasty dishes, but it's got to be quick too.

And though the holidays have just ended, there are still weddings, birthday parties and get togethers every week to host or bring something to.

That’s why I was so relieved to find such unique products from Palette Fine Foods from Dave’s Gourmet.

You may remember I covered Dave’s Hot Sauces awhile back, l and when I saw these jellies and preserves on the site, I couldn’t resist giving them a try as well.

The flavours are so intriguing – Peppered Black Mission Fig Preserve, Purple Basil Jelly and Sour Cherry with Lemon Balm Preserve – and make a wonderful accompaniment with cheese or simply spread on bread. Isn’t that more exciting than the usual pate and cluster of grapes offering?

I used the Fig and Basil ones as a side to roast chicken and pork, and I added a spoonful of the Sour Cherry to a butternut squash quinoa that really livened it up!

There are so many possibilities – I made a veal chop smothered in Sour Cherry –scrrrumptious! - and later I’m going to make a Purple Basil Jelly and Roast Turkey Sandwich with sprouts for lunch.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have a change from mayo and mustard.

Stephanie Dickison

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