veda MAMA , Dave’s Gourmet, City Lips, Lamy Pens and Small Square Design Help to Make Gift Giving Easier!

It is so difficult to come up with the perfect gift time and time again.

I know I often agonize for weeks over what to get someone, but I think I have come up with some great finds for the hard to buy for, or for those for whom you wish to get something truly special.


Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor of the knack

For the Mom-To-Be

veda MAMA

Sure you can get her stuff for when the baby arrives, but isn’t that what everyone else is going to be doing? Why not pamper Mom and show her how much you really care with veda MAMA products. They are all natural and paraben-free. And they were designed by a pediatrician for delicate skin, soyou know it's going to be good.

Here are a couple to try:

Veda MAMA NURTURE is a great nipple cream and it’s free of lanolin and chemicals. It is safe to use while nursing, so you can have soft nipples and peace of mind.

Veda BABE REFRESH is a lime and ginger body butter that helps to reduce stretch marks and lines as it evens out skin tone!

Veda BABE SCRUMPTIOUS smells great and with pure ingredients like aloe juice, cocoa butter and enema oil, you know that this moisturizer is going to feed your skin and replenish all that moisture that Mom-To-Be so richly deserves!

For the Hot Sauce Lover

Dave’s Gourmet

There are plenty of hot sauces around, but none like Dave’s Gourmet.

For one thing, he’s the one guy smart enough to come up with an Adjustable Hot Sauce. It allows you to put as much or as little heat on as you like. The pump distributes an even, fine mist so you can go choose from slightly spicy to sheer burn. Whatever your palate dictates or mood strikes, Dave’s Gourmet Adjustable Hot Sauce is great. It adds heat and is fun to use!

And if you’re looking for something more specific tastes, may I suggest the NEW 12 Pack .75oz HOT SAUCE Gift Pack?

The tiny little bottles allow you to find the heat and flavours that you love most and gives you the opportunity to try out ones you might not have had the courage to try before! What a great idea!

There are the classic Dave selections - Roasted Red Pepper, Roasted Garlic, Scotch Bonnet, Temporary Insanity, Cool Cayenne, Ginger Peach, Crazy Caribbean, Jammin' Jerk and Hurtin' Jalapeno – and the new flavours - Rowdy Red Chile, Hysterical Habanero, & Chillin' Chipotle.

Some are very flavourful and some are filled with heat and I like being able to choose my heat and flavour, depending upon my mood and the dish.

I like Ginger Peach on chicken and Scotch Bonnet on my eggs. Roasted Red Pepper goes on my sandwiches and Hurtin’ Jalapeno adds kick to pastas.

I’ve tried them all. Except Temporary Insanity.

I’m working my way up to that one!

For Your Best Girlfriend

City Lips

Although they have been around awhile and you may be tempted to switch from glosses for summer to matte lipsticks for fall, I think City Lips Advanced Formula Instant Lip Plumper are the best lip plumpers around and are the perfect year-round accessory!

The plumping action of this incredible formula is like getting a hit of collagen – without having to endure painful injections – and the high shine that doesn’t slide off, will have you feeling like a million bucks!

Although I wouldn’t say I have thin lips, my full mouth looks healthier and so much sexier once I’ve applied City Lips! I wear it when I’m reviewing restaurants, going to a media event or even grocery shopping in the hood. It’s one of the few things I carry with me all the time and when I wear it, I feel fantastic.

It’s one of those things that you love so much that you kind of want to keep to yourself, but you’ll share it with the ones you love because you have to tell someone how great it is!

I just sent one to my friend in New York who’s auditioning like crazy.

She’ll get the role of a lifetime based on her talent, voice and crazy body, but a little lip gloss won’t hurt.

In fact, I’d think plumper lips would only help – you’ll be able to see them better all the way in the back!

And they come in a bazillion colours, so you can change it up depending upon your mood, season or event.

For the Student, Avid Letter Writer or Wanna Be Writer

Lamy Pens

A pen as a gift can be lame if you get something stodgy or uncool.

But Lamy Pens are sure to brighten someone’s day with their fun designs and quality inks.

For the student whom you wish to buy for, I suggest the Lamy Pickup Multi System Pen which is a nice weighted pen on one end and a yellow highlighter at the other. Students have enough to worry about without looking for a pen and their highlighter while studying. This is the perfect solution!

And the avid letter writer or crossword/Sudoku lover will appreciate the Safari Ballpoint Pen. It comes in a host of colours and has a flexible brass wire clip so that they can attach it to their newspaper or box of cards - what fun!

And for the writer in your life, whether they are simply journaling at night or sending off queries to The Washington Post, the Lamy 2000 Limited Edition marks the 40 year anniversary of the Lamy 2000 pen. With only 7,500 pens produced, this is a gift that is sure not to be duplicated – or forgotten.

View the whole collection online and don’t forget to pick one up for yourself while you’re there!

For the Paper Lover

Small Square Design

Cards, Gift Tags and Journals – for the paper lover, this is their heaven and no one does it like Small Square Design.

A card of a small bird flying out of its nest makes the perfect Baby card. Another card, “Chirp,” has a bird singing from an autumn perch, perfect for sending to friends.

Delicate little gift tags that say Dinner Time, To and From and Happy Holidays with a saucepan, cutlery and a smiling snowman with outstretched arms drawn in soft colours.

And a chunky unlined journal titled RECIPES filled with creamy pages and a thick, cardboard cover with a colander and whisk resting on the front, continuing around the back – a perfect gift for your friend who loves to entertain or is always tearing recipes from magazines. There is a TRAVEL and WINE & CHEESE one too. What a great gift all three would be!

The mere thought of these as gifts would delight anyone, but the heartfelt drawings and thick, sturdy papers will have the stationery fiends drooling.

Stephanie Dickison

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