Plastec Makes Gardening a Breeze

Gardening can be time consuming. Not only is there the tending to of plants and flowers, but there’s the watering and buying of pots – will it ever end, you wonder?

Well, thanks to plastec, it just got a whole lot easier.

plastec has created products to mange your plants by protecting your home from plant water and offering decorative solutions to both indoor and outdoor gardens.

They have a wide variety of possibilities, depending upon your location (inside, outside, veranda, shelf, etc.) and need.

Here are a few that I tried:

I think the veranda stand is a great idea as it allows you to hang a plant anywhere in the house or even outside on your porch, balcony or deck. You don’t have to drill holes into the ceiling and you can move it around as you please. It is 38” tall and made of heavy steel so it won’t fall over.

And hey, you don’t have to use it just for plants – a lantern or bird feeder would work well too.

If you don’t have the room for the stand or already have hanging plants, perhaps the hanger saucer is more appropriate. It is made especially for hanging baskets and is a great shape and easy to use – no assembly required!

For under all your pots, I recommend the indoor & outdoor deck saver. It keeps your surfaces dry and can hold up to 250 pounds! It is clear, so it won’t detract from the flower or plant, or even the pot for that matter, but it will save your floors and surfaces from water damage. A must for any greenthumb.

And if you’re looking for something with a bit of edge and style, the stone saucer is for you! It is 100% recyclable and looks like a dish of black lacquered stones. The bumps create an air flow that keeps water away from your pots and allows air circulation under the pot, leaving them drier and cleaner. And this one can hold up to 300 pounds, so bring on your hefty pots!

I think what plastec is doing is great, but don’t take my word for it – check it out for yourself!

Stephanie Dickison

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