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I fall right in between two main jewelry categories - delicate minimalist and big statement pieces. I want 'em both.

But it's practically impossible to find jewelry that straddles both.

This stunning Parker Bangle from Jewelicious Inc. though has got me covered on both bases.

It has everything I want in jewelry:

- Timeless, streamlined design that works with casual and dressy wardrobe selections 

- Big enough to get noticed, but never veering toward garishness or gaudy territory 

- A slight twist on the standard. We've all had stacks of gold bracelets throughout our lives, but this elegant piece offers both round and flat edges, delivering a heightened cool factor and keeping your look fashion-forward 

- It has the appearance of a pricey piece but it's actually well within your budget.

I stopped wearing bracelets years ago because my job has me doing one of two things most of the day - writing and/or eating. Bangles just got in the way.

This arm candy however, is small enough to envelop my wrist without moving about, making it the perfect accessory for both writing to deadline and tucking into a 7-course dinner.


Jewelicious Inc. has a long line of fab jewelry you'll lust after, all made from either stainless steel or titanium offer long wear without tarnishing. Choose from bangles and bracelets, necklaces and rings (Dale, you're coming home with me). You'd better sit down, make a drink, prep a snack - you're going to be here awhile. Because I know you're going to order a Nameplate Necklace first thing. And you're going to need both pairs of earrings. I wear the Believe pair every day and still can't get enough.

Shop Jewelicious Inc. now. And you'll get your goodies by the weekend ("Our goal is to ship your purchase within 48-72 business hours; in most cases, it is shipped within 24-48 business hours.").

Stephanie Dickison

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