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Recently I read about a sunscreen study - people who wore sunscreen and did nothing else to their skin (really nothing), had better results than those who loaded on anti-aging creams, lotions and cleansers.

This is shocking and disconcerting to those of us who have lined the bathroom cabinets, cupboards and let's face it - nooks all over the house - with our various, beloved skincare products.

But I think there's a happy medium for us beauty-obsessed gals: vow to wear sunscreen everyday AND continue to revel in our beauty routines.

Win-win, right?

The reason most of us don't wear sunscreen on the regular is because it's almost always an extra step (sure we'll do a 7-10 step Korean skincare regimen before bed and multi-task on three devices, but we can't seem to figure out how to remember to apply sunscreen before we head out the door). So it's important to find products that include it.

Think that sunscreen doesn't apply to you? You don't have to be a sun worshipper to protect yourself against sun exposure - the average person gets the equivalent of 60 hours of direct sun exposure every year just driving to and from work. That doesn't include being outdoors, hanging out on a patio, being out on the water, riding your bike, taking a walk... In other words, you need sun protection no matter what.

That's why I was excited to discover Goddess Garden Organics out of Boulder Colorado, by husband and wife team Nova Covington and Paul Halter. They specialize in natural sunscreens and sun repair facial care products, using pure minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the active agents for sun protection. Even better, their certified organic, natural mineral sunscreen is free from oxybenzone, parabens, GMOs, synthetic fragrances, toxic chemicals, and hormone disruptors. None of the bad stuff, just the good.

And while you can get their SPFs separately, their sunscreen/firming combo is exactly what you need to protect your skin while keeping your game tight.

Take a closer look:
Defend your skin against the suns harmful rays with this sheer delight.

Ultra lightweight, your skin gets a lovely sheen from the zinc oxide (like a face highlighter without going anywhere near your makeup bag), in addition to the powerful, broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection.

You probably won't want to cover up your mug in fact, with this skin luminizer in hand. I like to wear it on its own with just a bit of concealer under my eyes and a little flick of eyeliner. Beach-ready and completely low maintenance? Love it.

There's more.

While working double duty to shield your delicate dermis and nourish it with aloe leaf juice, oat kernal protein, vitamins B3 and E, and rich oils of avocado, lavender, carrot seed and jojoba seed, it instantly firms your skin with the help of chicory root (who do those sexy cheekbones and smooth forehead belong to?) and works to reduce your lines, wrinkles and dark spots over time.

When have you EVER known a sunscreen to not only deliver serious anti-agers, but both instantaneously and in future?

By days end, my skin was peachy creamy resplendent.

And you don't need much. I put on a whack the first time and so my skin was a bit Ziggy Stardust-esque and on the verge of sticky. Less is definitely more. 


Sunscreen can be heavy and greasy, but this certified organic, reef safe, and biodegradable sunscreen is weightless. Let it sink in for a few seconds and you won't even know you've got it on.

Your skin will look and feel soft (shout out to shea butter, coconut oil, safflower seed oil, safflower seed oil, lavender oil and vitamin E), and that soft, subtle lavender scent?

Almost as delicious as the feeling of warm sun on your back and soft sand beneath your feet.

- ERASE THE DAY – Mineral-Removing Cleanser

Another must - this fresh scented cleanser that takes away all the grit and grime of the day without leaving your skin parched.

You'll love the lavish feel of French green clay, lush oils, radish root and vitamin E, with the soothing scent of vanilla bean extract, Roman chamomile flower and lavender oils, wafting over you.

Soft, smooth and clean skin. Is there any better feeling to start and end the day with?


It's time that you get serious about sun care. It will make all the difference in not only your skin's appearance, but your overall health.

Goddess Garden Organics makes it easy and convenient to incorporate it into your skincare routine, and with all natural ingredients. Then they go the extra distance by making your skin taut as a freshman's. Not in five days, but straightaway - and then for months to come.

What are you waiting for? Shop now.

Products are also available in over 17,000 retailers in Canada, U.S., Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland, so find a location near you.

Stephanie Dickison

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