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I could go completely paperless, but where's the joy in that? After all, there's so much beautiful stationery to use and to share.

Those closest to me know that I have a penchant for all things paper. 

First, I still send old fashioned cards and letters. I try very hard to express to those I love how I feel on a regular basis. Because who doesn't want to be told how much they are appreciated, especially on a day when it feels like everything falling apart? 

Second, this is the tool of my trade. As a full-time writer, I am hunched over my tech all day, but right alongside it are my trusty paper and pen. So it's complete bliss anytime I can use something less utilitarian than an office supply pen and reporter's notebook.

But who has the time to wander around stationery shops? There are late night work seshes, groceries to pick up, workouts that aren't going to do themselves (if only). And here's the thing - the few times I've tried to go out and get supplies, the selection has been minute and it's the same everywhere. And at those prices? I don't think so. It's also practically impossible to get great cards, a notebook and pens that don't cost a fortune all in one place.

It's disheartening. I want products that express my style and personality as well as those that I'm sharing my thoughts with, but I don't want to spend all week tracking down each item.

Say hello to Busy Bee Stationery Box, the ultimate solution for us "busy bees."

Lovely folks who "enjoy the feeling of putting pen to paper" curate a monthly box built to inspire creativity and based "around a theme, season, or specific creative project."

All of your note-taking, planning ("We are mad about planners," they gush), journaling and letter writing needs are meet with the content, usually 5-10 items.

No more having to run out and try to find supplies - they just arrive at your door. Swoon. 

And having seen the October and November boxes filled with modern, pretty compilations, I was all in. 

The February Box arrived and I was excited. It's rare these days to experiment the element of surprise (*thanks* FB) and I so enjoyed the not knowing, the looking forward to something new and unexpected.

Here's what awaited me:

- Staetdler Pigment Liner 0.3 Marker in Black

Go ahead and write or draw something. You get a nice thin line, but not too thin - you don't want to have to squint to see your work after all. The indelible, waterproof ink doesn't bleed through paper or when highlighted (what?!), yet is archival quality, fade-resistant, and acid-free, so your words and images will be preserved over time. Sweet. Because trust me, in 20 years, you're going to be verrry interested in what you had to say back then/now.

The long metal tip is the perfect pairing for ruler addicts (I see you bullet journalers and calendar creators) and the ink is so smooth, your hand and mind will relax for what feels like the first time in months. Feel more creative and stimulated? It's no wonder, with this exquisitely engineered beauty in hand.

Should you use drafting paper as your canvas (can I do this?), the ink becomes erasable. Whoa. And go ahead and leave to cap off for up to 18 hours - it's not going anywhere. Mic drop.

- The Happy Planner Deco Pen

I am new to decorative tape. I have seen it in Japanese paper stores, but didn't realize it had become more mainstream.

There are three to a pack - one that dispenses a rainbow of starbursts on clear tape, another with "PLAN A HAPPY LIFE"on a black border, and the third - "to do" in a feminine script with colourful starburst.

They're so quick and easy to use and can be applied anywhere. Delicate and thin decorative strips embellish your planner or add cute borders to plain stock for instant greeting cards filled with cheer.

What fun!

- Webster's Pages Colour Crush Travelers Notebook & Planner in Periwinkle

These planners are so popular online, they sell out almost immediately. Obvs because this faux leather cover (5.75" x 8.75") is seriously stunning.

Soft to the touch, yet durable enough to stand up to your busy lifestyle, you'll pull it outta your bag just to show it off. 

The detailing is drool-inducing: puffy "exhale" tag through the elastic loop, the graceful gold "wp" embossed at the bottom of the spine, muted gold interior (I want to do my bedroom in this shade, and while we're at it, most of my wardrobe), two-toned stitched interior pockets with room for credit cards, one window pocket for ID or photo, another for a nice long list pad (because your to-do list just keeps growing) and elastic pen loop (you better believe it'll be holding my Staetdler above). 

It even comes with one standard size, blank kraft "Hello!" notebook (4.25" x 8.25"), so you can get to writing right away, and feel free to swap in your own notebooks. Four elastic bands keep them secure and separated.

Even the box it came in is outstanding. I'm got the the WP Signature Hello Keepsake Box near my desk for mementoes and other treasures. It's so pretty, I sometimes catch myself looking over at it throughout the day.

Webster's Pages Tassel Charm

And just when you didn't think your planner could get anymore fetching, along comes this delightful tassel charm detail.

Whether you use it on your planner, purse or as a keychain, this faux leather tassel with lobster clip is simply adorbs.

And it just feels good to hold in your hand, amirite?


The Busy Bee Stationery Box featured items I adore (pen, tassel and planner) and a new tool (deco tape) that I will def use. 

You may think it's just a box of stationery, but it' so much more than that: It's the little things. It's the details. It's using great tools that make you happy. It's the joy of wonder and surprise. It's expanding your knowledge and creating something new and exciting.

It's one of the best things I've tried this year.

And it's not just a great gift for yourself, but if you know someone who squeals with delight over stationery, this is it. 

Don't worry - subscribing is effortless (one of the few times you'll love auto renewal) and so is skipping a box or canceling.

Shipping is free in the US, and minimal in Canada and internationally, so shop now and expect sheer bliss to arrive in just a few short weeks.


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