Balbec - Freshly Made, Nutrient-Dense, Raw Skincare

Balbec skincare is perishable. Some of it even goes into the fridge next to your kale and heirloom carrots. And some of the items come with an expiry date.

That's because Balbec is made with raw, organic, live, and "wildcrafted" ingredients that are free of chemicals and sourced sustainably. This gentle yet effective skincare line was made to guard your skin "against infections, dehydration, and chemical or physical stress." 

Handmade in small batches in a farmhouse studio in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, Balbec's product line contains carefully curated cleansers, oils and hydrosols that smell as good as they feel.

Take Rose Hydrosol for instance. The rose fragrance is intoxicating - like immersing yourself in a rose garden - but simultaneously gentle too. You won't be overwhelmed in heady scent.

Created using steam-distillation of plant materials, hydrosols are less concentrated than essential oil products, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin.

The toning, refreshing organic spritz does everything from prep your face for moisturizing oils to body spray, to relief from inflammation and minor cuts.  You can even use it as a linen spray! 

This skin invigorator also safeguards you from all the elements - cold, hot, dry, and even polluted areas - so it works hard year 'round. And it's so lightweight, you won't notice it except for the fab results: dull skin brightened, skin tone evened, mood lifted!

Also available in Lavender and Rose Geranium.

Pampering your skin while feeding it nutrient-dense ingredients includes the cleansing step of your skincare regime. Often naturally-made cleansers contain either clay or yogurt, but this is the first instance where I've seen them combined in one product. Balbec clay and yogurt based cleansers come in four respendent varieties:

- French Green Clay & Yogurt Cleanser with Rose & Matcha
- Moroccan Clay & Yogurt Cleanser with Patchouli & Geranium
- Bentonite Clay & Yogurt Cleanser with Coriander, Frankincense & Palmarosa
- French Green Clay & Yogurt Cleanser with Matcha, Frankincense & Geranium
My Bentonite Clay & Yogurt Cleanser with Coriander, Frankincense & Palmarosa also boasts nourishing raw honey and grapeseed oil, so your skin is drenched in goodness, never stripped or left parched. Tackling all your major issues - wrinkles, large pores, acne, dry skin, oily skin, congested skin - this cleanser is a powerhouse. And all by using completely natural ingredients and rich minerals. Talk about feeding your skin. No wonder you keep it in the fridge.

Restorative Oil with Frankincense & Geranium is exactly what your skin needs right now. Whether it's simply blah because it's January and cold, dry because see reasons on left, your skin is in need of a serious tune-up.

The chartreuse coloured oil is a sumptuous blend of Baobab, tamanu, pomegranate seed, camellia seed, and grapeseed oils that's as luxurious as it is curative.

Balbec's creator Maneesha Patel, explains the properties of key ingredients:

"Frankincense is wonderful for aging skin because it is tonic and stimulates cell regeneration. It is known for its abilities to slow and deepen breath and has long been used for meditation and to calm the mind. Geranium is tonic and uplifiting. It stimulates the lymph system and aids with cell regeneration. Geranium improves circulation and balances skin which is excessively oily or dry. Tamanu oil gives this oil its distinctive green and earthy aroma, which is slightly medicinal."

Is your current skincare helping you deepen your breath and calm your mind? Didn't think so.

Think about the creams and oils presently lining your bathroom counter. How long have were they sitting on store shelves? How many chemicals, stabilizers and preservatives did that require? How is that effecting your skin and body?

You've become more conscious about your food choices - I see you at the juice bar, and choosing a raw salad over the mac and cheese your really want. So why not follow the same doctrine when it come to slathering your largest organ with products?

Maneesha Patel has created a thoughtful probiotic skincare line built with integrity and made by hand with fresh ingredients. Guaranteed shelf life for facial oils is three months after opening, two months or longer for hydrasols and six weeks or longer for cleansers. In addition to stocking your icebox with kimchi and purple cabbage, you ought to be stashing Balbec in there too, so shop now.


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