Sulwhasoo Holistic Korean Skincare - It's What You've Been Waiting For

It's an exhilarating shock that travels through your body.

That moment when you realize you've met the one.

The thrill was immediate when I first applied Sulwhasoo skincare products. In that moment, it was sheer perfection. But could that feeling last? Sometimes products start off strong and then fade, their strength and power disappearing as quickly as they first arrived.

It is indeed long-lasting. 

And completely rapturous.

This high-end luxury skincare brand has only been in North America since 2010, so while it might be new to you, it has in fact been around for the last 50 years (Happy Anniversary!).

Sulwhasoo, one of the most exciting new lines I've discovered this year, is based on traditional, holistic Korean herbal medicine but employs modern technology, delivering the best of both worlds and extraordinary results. 

Co-developed with Kyunghee University of Oriental Medicine, Sulwhasoo products contain only natural ingredients native to Korea, raised in their meticulous Amorepacific herb farm.

At the heart of their products is ginseng. Korean Ginseng, to be exact. Sulwhasoo uses a 4-year old ginseng, which has the highest levels of saponin - known for anti-aging and antioxidant properties amongst others.  

In addition to being a fierce multi-hyphenate, ginseng's aroma is intoxicating. I used to buy ginseng gum in Chinatown, partly because I was so taken with its scent. Like celery mingling with a subtle waft of delicate, perfumed ginger, it's simultaneously comforting as well as energizing.

While ginseng is likely familiar to you, other ingredients including jaumdan, Sulwhasoo’s original formula that "fills the Yin energy to repair dryness," will no doubt be your first. And let me introduce you to other powerhouses including: white lily, Chinese peony, and East Indian lotus and rehmannia, that promotes circulation, treats age-spots as well as dullness, and increases hydration.

These alone make these products highly unique and unbelievable effective. 

Take a closer look at two of their best-selling products from the Concentrated Ginseng Collection:

It took me awhile to come round to face oils but once I saw their age-defying powers, I have been committed ever since.

And this one, derived from ginseng seeds, is particularly compelling as it dives deep into the skin to drench you with moisture and encourage your skin thwart damage. Camellia oil combined with essential oils pressed from sesame seeds enrich your skin with strength and radiance.

And get this - it's silky, not oily in the least, so get ready for a five-star treatment that takes just seconds. And you need just the slightest amount (half or full pump of the dropper) so the bottle will last and last.

Your formerly fatigued skin gets hydrated like you wouldn't believe and reveals immediate a radiance and luminescence that is so compelling, you'll forgo half your makeup, if not all, today (even underneath my makeup, it shines through). Supple and translucent, your skin has reached a new plane. so don't be surprised if people stare for an extra beat or ten. They've never seen anything like this. Not IRL anyway.

It's the skin superhero you've been waiting for.

This makes my list for all-time favourite eye creams. The thick, rich, luscious, luxe salve soothes and nurtures your skin right away.

Then the firming happens, so no matter how bad you think it is down there, help is on the way.

The wrinkle-correcting ginseng formula lifts, firms and softens my crinkles and lines that seem set on trying to take up shop.

My droopy, weary eyes that usually elicit exclamations of "Wow, looks like you didn't - get any sleep/decide to wear makeup," and "Do you have the flu?" are now one of my best (and favourite) features.


Which is why these extraordinary products are definitely worth their price tags.

You are not just getting rid of wrinkles and dry, dull skin. You are infusing your skin with nourishing, good-for-you ingredients that have stood the test of time.

The Sulwhasoo Skincare Collection has just arrived in the newly opened locations of Nordstrom in Toronto. You can also order within the US or  online internationally.

Stephanie Dickison

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