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Finally the weather is starting to cool, which means it's time to switch over your wardrobe for fall. This is the ideal clothing season because rich colours and textures come into play without having to heap on fatty layers of clothing to keep warm.

The secret to fall dressing is having key pieces that will transition throughout the seasons with you, minus or plus extra layers.

I came to realize recently that I have three major outfit needs:

1. Work
2. Date night/girls night 
3, Workout gear for exercise/running casual errands.

Numbers one and two often overlap in look for me, so dresses are a top priority [though sometimes a night out with my baes can sway towards a more casual look, depending on the activity (i.e. concert) or locale (burger joint)].

While I try to always wear somewhat comfortable clothing (mind you, that all goes out the window when it comes to shoes - am I right?), I have long preferred to be on the dressier side of things. Having sleek dresses that I can customize to the occasion by adding jewelry, cardigan, blazer and changing up shoes and boots, make fall and winter dressing as effortless as layering can be.

In looking for modern silhouettes that feel great, I was immediately taken by the outstanding collection by Marie Hell.

The minimalistic American clothing brand makes almost exclusively dresses, designed for women of every age (woo woo!), ranging from classic styles (Submit Tunic) to edgy statement pieces (Game Tunic).

Marie Hell dresses are anything but basic. Chic cutouts of varying designs are offered in number of quintessential shades from white to black with made for autumn warm shades of brown and caramel. 

Choose based on standout embellishments such as gathered ties, colour blocking, collars, and zippers or profiles such as the all the rage off the shoulder look. 

Each style is available in two lengths - tunics: 32" above the knee, and dresses: 39" just below - so that you can choose your preferred length or based on the occasion. And yes, they come in sizes for most everyone - XS (0-2), S (4-6), M (8-10), L (12-14), and XL (16-18).

And the natural fabrics are so luxurious and a joy to move around in, these will soon be the most worn items in your closet.

Check out the three epic dresses I selected:

As much as I love and rely on black frocks, it's a relief to step outside the darkness, even to go just one shade lighter.

Grey is one of my favourite hues and this deep slate looks casual and gymtastic with white sneakers and baseball cap, as well as work/date-night ready paired with floral heels and deep v necklace.

It doesn't get much more classic that crew necks and the 3/4-length sleeve compliment in every season. The dress swoops out ever so slightly so that it doesn't bunch and gather, but instead swings out in a most feminine silhouette. Hitting just below my knee, it elongates my frame and suits everything from knee-high boots to strappy metallic sandals.

Should you select black or grey, you'll be swathed in classic jersey, which as you know, is possibly the most comfortable material outside of flannel (It's so comfy in fact, you'll be tempted to wear to under the covers). White and cream dresses come in the always becoming ponte jersey.

p.s. It's also available in a shorter  length.

The snappy white outline across the neck and shoulders makes for crisp details that takes this LBD to the next level of sophistication and design.

Available in a new length of 34" (swoon), the black and white ponte jersey - double in weight to classic jersey. - fits like a glove. 

Crew neck and full sleeves that hit ja couple of inches above my wrist can look preppy or ultra feminine, depending on how you style the rest of your look.

The shape flounces out just slightly upon its descent from under the arm, but thanks to material, it hugs all my curves in all the right places. Note I didn't say "clings," so you can absolutely wear it to work and other corporate-style environments.

But that doesn't mean it's not sexy. It's all in how you wear it. With that striking upper highlight and dark contour of fabric, somehow I tend to strut instead of merely walk in this dreamy concoction.


A boatneck collar shows off one of the sexiest body parts on a woman - the clavicle or collarbone, while slim cutouts at where the shoulder meets torso give just the slightest glimpse of skin in a completely SFW fashion.

These little negative spaces create visual interest as well as a sensual sneak peek at snippets of skin, without ever veering close to revealing or vulgar. It is quite modest in fact, due to the long hem (available in shorter version Peek Tunic pictured above, as well) and extra long sleeves, which bunch slightly on me (love that) and would finally be long enough for my tall girlfriends with long limbs.

Black and Grey comes in in classic jersey, with white and cream versions in ponte jersey.

There are five elements that make Marie Hell's dresses standout from the crowd

1. The fabrics

The stretchy, even bouncy classic jersey and swish, more structured ponte jersey move with you so you never feel constricted or swallowed up like the rest of the dresses in your closet. These are the only clothes you won't want to claw your way out off at the end of the day. 

2. The design/cut

The dresses flatter in unexpected places. Fabrics skim lightly across the stomach and hips, and swing out ever so slightly on a slow descent towards the bottom hem, while other areas are more snuggly embraced.

And thanks to the longer length I am certain that my girlfriends of varying heights and sizes could pull off the same design as I'm wearing 

3. Versatility

You can wear each of these dresses a number of ways. It shouldn't be such a rare thing but when I took a look in my closet, many of my lovely dress could be worn to one or two occasions but not something that could take you from the boardroom to date night. All of Marie Hell's are made to last from dawn to dusk.

4. Ease of cleaning

Thanks to the brilliance of jersey material, the dresses can be machine washed (because who has the time/energy/patience to hand wash anything these days?) and hung on the line to dry.

5. Ethics

Part of the slow fashion movement, the company specializes in sustainable, ethical gear and standards. These dresses were made to last with great care, consideration and detail.


You don't need 50 pieces to have a kick-ass closet. With just three fabulous dresses from Marie Hell, my wardrobe is now complete. What a feeling.

Yes, it's possible to have the dresses of your dreams. All you need is Marie Hell.

Stephanie Dickison

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