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I was intrigued by Flawless By Friday simply by its innate ease of use. Boxes and bottles contain numbered and colour-coded products. It takes just a quick glance to see which product to use and when. No having to read tiny instructions on the back each and every time, no laborious work to be done except use the product and get back to life.

Seriously, it's that easy.

The 5 Day System includes five masks to be used on weekdays to give you fab skin by the weekend. Mesmereyes  consists of three days of eye masks, because we both know no amount of concealer can hide those late night/early mornings. And Forever Flawless AM/PM Serum Duo features two bottles of serum - one the colour of the sun, the other bottle the colour of night - that will keep you looking youthful for months to come.

I was captivated by the photo on the 5 Day System box (pictured above). This is a woman who has it together, who is taking on the world and showing it she's boss. I was also excited about the ritual and routine of it. Sometimes, skincare systems can be overwhelming, especially if they contain a lot of products and/or steps. But this was so manageable and the idea of achieving more beautiful skin in just a week was enticing.

I also enjoyed the ritual and discipline of the systems. Every night after work, I applied the corresponding mask and then applied the serum once before bed and once in the morning. Like most things in life, we start a routine nice and strong, and then we peter off, whether by laziness or distraction, onto the next thing. But just five days of steady maintenance isn't too much to ask, no matter how busy your job or long your day. Creator Brittny Skylar is onto something here.

So I never missed a day. Every night I poured a drink, put on a mask and felt like I was carving out a little "me" time, something that I really only do when I don't have the strength to do one more task. So there's that little bonus. The other is, both face and eye masks take just 15 minutes each. That's totally doable, even with the most hectic schedule (if I was crunched for time, I'd put an eye mask on while doing other things: getting dressed for dinner, replying to emails, etc).

Here's the breakdown of my week:

- 5 Day System

The hydrogel masques work as well as they claim.

Day 1, "Moisture Monday" gushes with hyaluronic acid and moisturizing extracts of algae, aloe vera leaf, cactus flower, and licorice root, so your skin gets a serious surge of hydration. The morning after, I woke up to plump, juicy skin and bright cheeks.

"Toning Tuesday's" Vitamin C really delivered on Day 2, Targeting everything from age spots to uneven skin tone, this masque brightened and energized my whole mug.

I was really looking forward to Day 3, "Wrinkle Wednesday" as fine lines are trying to make their home around my peepers.  Bolstered with green tea, the masque goes to work on everything from smile creases to crow's feet.

"Tightening Thursday" on Day 4 is what I call every Thursday now. It just makes sense, as does this awesome masque infused with collagen and caffeine. Not only does your skin get a quick "nip and tuck" of sorts as your skin gets pulled in, pores become microscopic.

"Flawless Friday" arrives on Day 5 filled with nourishing ingredients including honey and castor seed oil that does leave my skin looking and feeling immaculate.

The thick silicone masques, each one in a bright hue, made me feel like a superhero out to battle dull skin and fine lines, but I couldn't get the damn things to stick. They stayed mostly in place if I sat still slightly reclined but these are not masks you can multitask in. The other slight setback was I couldn't drink while wearing them, as the mouth opening was much lower than where mine sits - so no wine or tequila while reversing the aging process for this gal. Le sigh.

That said, the solutions had a wonderful light, fresh fragrance and my skin looks spectacular, so I'm happy!

While I'm all for quick fixes, sometimes you need a little extra help. Mesmereyes is a 3-day eye mask system that works hard on those annoying lines, dark shadows, and uneven skin tone, so that you don't have to. And they are p-h-e-n-o-m-e-n-a-l. 

The three day system includes:

1, Moisture
2. Lift and Energize
3. Sooth and De-Puff

I have one day a week where I'm up for 16-21 hours, and by mid-day, there's no shielding anyone from those bags and dark circles that set in. But this week, at around 3pm, I applied them thinking they might not make much of a difference, but it certainly couldn't hurt. It reversed the clock completely. The bags swiftly vamoosed as if they'd never appeared. I looked ready to meet the Queen or Beyoncé or whomever you deem someone you'd look your very best for.

My skin got firm and hydrated. My panda eyes completely disappeared. So much so that I looked like I just came back from vacay somewhere soothing and/or sexy. I looked refreshed and ready to take on the world. Seriously.

I wish these came in 365 day packs.

- Forever Flawless AM/PM Serum Duo

The serums also came through on their promises. This dynamic duo includes the AM beauty, packed with Vitamin C which does everything from brighten your skin to diminish age spots, and the PM vessel includes a formula boasting alpha hydroxy acids and hyaluronic acid that infuses your skin with hydration and smoothes out all those lines. The combo ensures your skin doesn't just look better - it will feel better too. And that's important.

The gorgeous ombré bottles make my bathroom counter look like a high end spa. And as you are directed to use just one drop of AM serum and one of PM serum, these are going to last me well into the new year. Talk about stopping the clock on aging. And they smell heavenly.


Flawless By Friday is fabulous - easy-to-use products, quick results, and a little built-in "me" time. What's not to love?

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Stephanie Dickison

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