NEW Caryl Baker Enchanted Fall 2016 Collection - Fetching Brows & Lips

Now that fall is here, it's time to switch up your makeup to deeper, darker shades.

Caryl Baker Visage's  new NEW Limited Edition Fall 2016 Enchanted Collection is giving me the cooler weather feels.

Get caught up in the "Alice-inspired fantasy" where plush lips and defined brows create a sumptuous look for fall. Available only until October 16, this limited-edition capsule collection adds serious beauty and power to a season filled with rich colours and textures.

The genius eyebrow set and must-have lip products are the ideal accessories for your autumnal wardrobe.

Check out the very latest cosmetics:

NEW Caryl Baker Brow Beauty Blitz Collection

Getting your brows on fleek for the season dramatically changes and frames your face. Thicker, fuller brows make you look younger and the more polished your eyebrow, the more together your whole look becomes.

Which is why you need this exciting new compilation with four new products that help you enhance, define, shape and style your brows into fierce arches. 

The teeniest little mascara wand is the perfect guide for this wondrous Vitamin C&E enriched formula that doesn't just fill in blank spaces, but enhances them as if applying real hairs.

The wet, inky polymer (available in Blonde and Brunette) dries into a water-resistant landscape where everything is smoothed out and perfected. No flakes, no smudges, just beautiful brows.

Brow Balm

In the past, I've usually just gone with filling in with a pencil but now I can see the error of my ways. 

Like a soft pastel (all those years in art school weren't a waste after all), this creamy balm gently fills in the gaps without looking drawn or painted on at all. And the hairs that you do have? Sculpted into line with a single swipe.

Using Caryl Baker’s Angle Brush, it's easy to achieve fuller brows that look natural and more defined. The smudge-proof formula ensures that your skillful work doesn't budge.

The delicate pencil delivers a tattoo thin line so you can define your brows with an architect's precision. The built-in brush and smooth, creamy texture (boosted by Vitamins C&E that condition the hair) clinches a powerful look that looks au naturel and lasts for up to 10 hours.

Then there's the brow highlighter that takes your brows to the next level. This stubby nude crayon goes on super smooth and instantly brightens and widens your entire eye area. Just daub on and blend with your fingertip.

You've never been more ready for your close up.

p.s. The entire collection is available as a set - Brow Blitz Bundle - and is paraben- and gluten-free, kosher, and not tested on animals.

Dark lips are all the rage but for those that don't want to too vampy, the new Ever After burgundy perfectly captures the warm tones of the season while adding mystery and intrigue. 

Deep but not goth, this wine lip is start-to-finish sophisticated, especially when paired with the Limited Edition Ultimate Lip Liner in similar shade Winery

The rich matte liquid makes your skin and eyes stand out as much as your lips. I was surprised by how and easy it is to apply (love the brush - even coverage is foolproof). It also made me realize that I need to embrace reds and darker shades. 

You don't need to worry about anything shifting during dinner either. Your stellar deep pout isn't going anywhere. No transferring, fading or feathering here.  And bolstered by Vitamin E and beeswax, they're going to stay luscious, soft and oh so smooth. So go ahead and take a hearty sip of that bordeaux and kiss that handsome fella. Your lips are going to be just fine. 

p.s. Should you want lighter shades, the collection also includes Euphoria, a matte neutral and Eternal, a stirring berry.


I am completely besotted by Caryl Baker's NEW Limited Edition Fall 2016 Enchanted Collection. These are the first products I've ever tried of Caryl Baker Visage and I'm blown away by the quality and results. 

Fall is my favourite season, but more so now that I have lush lips and perfect brows, so shop right now.

Stephanie Dickison

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