Florian Rhodes - Stunning Handmade Leather Purses, Clutches & Accessories from New Zealand

I can't get enough of New Zealand design. Similar to my obsession with Australian fashion, architecture, interior design, television, skincare and food, I am just as smitten with New Zealand. And Michelle Rhodes's stellar line of stunning handmade leather purses, clutches and accessories -  Florian Rhodes - features sumptuous soft leathers that I simply can't get enough of.

Only New Zealand cowhide from animals that grew up in clean, green paddocks of New Zealand. Each item she makes is created with handpicked cowhides, ensuring each piece with have "great patterns, colour and luster." Cuts are made cautiously so that each piece is beautiful.

The result is a handcrafted leather bag with brilliant leather, flawless stitching and a piece of art that will carry you through many years of events and travel.

The credo - "It's all in the details" - can be seen and felt with every piece. 

One of the best ways to update your wardrobe is with standout purses and accessories. And the clutch you choose makes as much as a fashion statement as the jewelry and clothes you wear.

Fall is an exceptionally busy season and this one started out bursting with with big galas, epic birthdays, a few celebrity-filled events, and unexpectedly - a baby shower, engagement party and shotgun wedding celebration. Needless to say, there is a lot of dressing up to be done, and the ultimate finishing touch to any outfit is a fetch clutch.

I searched high and low looking for something that would fit a number of requirements:
  • Work for all seasons 
  • Suitable for a number of different looks and occasions - champagne cocktails to benefit dinner to date night at my favourite resto
  • Hold more than just lipstick and keys (sheesh)
  • Be high quality and something I can use for years to come
- Florian Rhodes Kara Clutch fit them all. It's everything. Take a closer look:

The material: Buttery soft  thick leather that feels so good against your skin and in your hands. 

The details: The soft gold corner fittings are the perfect finishing touch that take it to the next level. I like it on its own, but there's a matching leather detachable strap should you want to transform it into a evening bag.

The black lined interior has a substantial zipped pocket, finished in exquisite ribbon-edged leather logo, so that your belongings stay organized and you can always find your keys no matter how many killer birthday cocktails you've consumed (Six. Urp).

Then there's the roomy body (w: 26cm x h: 15cm x d: 3cm) that comfortably holds my long wallet, phone and whatever other essentials I'll need for said occasion.

The smart closure snaps closed with just one hand, because you're going to need your other for drinks/food/dancing/etc.

And this creamy sienna shade colour with everything, making it truly timeless and the one bag for all.

p.s. The Cowhide Envelope Clutch Purse is also striking. In the market for a full-on day bag? The Aria Tote is jaw-dropping.

If you're looking for something a bit smaller, but still something that will knock you off your feet, this medium size purse is a fierce choice with its soft white hair.

Big enough to fit your phone, compact, keys and cards, it works well for everyday items as well as a much-needed accessory when traveling.

You'll smile each time you reach into your bag and feel the plush leather beneath your fingers. Inside too, as it's unlined. The metal YKK zip closure is finished with a large ring, making it easy to access the contents with just a single finger .

The purses come in a variety of natural colours including black & white, brown & white, black, brown, tan, and white, so they too will always go with your outfits and accessories.

- Leather Card Holder

I think the importance and relevance of card holders is at an all-time high, thanks to the increase of debit and credit over cash, loyalty cards, and transit and parking passes, So whether you want to use this as an add-on to your already jammed wallet or as a standalone system to streamline things, or for occasions such as heading out for a run or to the gym, this gorgeous little wonder has got you covered.

Each card holder stores up to four or more plastic cards as well as business cards, notes, receipt and other paper you want to stash away. There's a nice deep pocket in the middle as well.

The supple leather is dazzling, especially in the electric blue colour I chose. Select a number of different shades including grey, purple, yellow.

I used to think of getting out my transit pass as a chore. Now I look forward to it, as every time I show off this stunner, it always inspires "oohs" and "ahhs." Can you say that about your current wallet?

- Travel Must-Haves

I will be heading out on a few short trips in the next while. On my wish list:

- Travel Fold Up in Black Rose
- The Mini Doctor's Travel Bag
- Either the Black & White or Tan & Silver Cowhide iPad/Tablet Wallet
- Cowhide Leather Luggage Tag
- Make it easy with the New Zealand Cowhide Travel Gift Set

Florian Rhodes handmade leather purses, clutches and accessories from New Zealand are beautiful and beautifully made. Made with love, care and unbelievable quality and craftsmanship, these bags will outlast any trend (no matter what the magazines tell you), and just like you, will get better with wear and age.

So ditch the mall and shop Florian Rhodes now.

Stephanie Dickison

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