A Stroll in the Park in Paris - The Latest Limited Edition Collection by PAUL & JOE Beauté Sparkles & Shines

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to try PAUL & JOE Beauté for the first time.

It took only a second before I was hooked on the whimsical packaging and sunny, optimistic makeup that moisturizes beyond belief.

So naturally I was swooning when their latest collection arrived - A Stroll in the Park in Paris by PAUL & JOE Beauté Sparkle Limited Edition Autumn 2016 Collection.

Each season, PAUL & JOE Beauté launches a limited edition "Collection Sparkles" featuring unique and completely adorable packaging covered in signature patterns from the season's ready-to-wear fashion line.

This season's collection is an ode to Paris in fall - the colours, the mood, the cozy romance of it all. Gorgeous. These nudes and neutrals are anything but boring, and prove that simple elegance is always in style.

Here's a quick look at just some of the fabulous items:

When your skin hits the cool, fresh autumn air, a natural pink flushes your cheeks. A sign of health, happiness, and the exciting season ahead, Chill in the Air (pictured above) perfectly replicates that alluring radiance with a quick swipe of colour.

The illuminating blush with a pinky coral tinge is accompanied not just by a luxurious, soft, thick puff, but mixed in with  lustrous pearl beads are three pink cat silhouettes! Even the outer packaging is papered in little kitties.

The pink felines aren't just pretty faces. Each cat shape is hand-crafted and filled to deliver just the right amount of light colour.

I giggle every time I use it. But it's not just adorbs, you know. It delivers a natural, beautiful, alluring glow. And each time you open up the box, a beautiful scent gently wafts up from the cardboard container.

Sheer purrfection.

Cheek Colour is also available in shade 20.

- Eye Color CS 102 – Les Feuilles Mortes

Changing up your makeup each season will help keep your look feeling fresh and on point. And this eye shadow trio-in-one gives you everything you need to look fierce in one fell swoop.

Three ombre shades, inspired by the changing leaves of fall, come enveloped in a beautiful art deco and Asian-style print. The transparent base is boosted with jojoba oil that moisturizes, while silicon helps the product slide into place and then stay there. Each pearl hue delivers long-lasting rich and true colour, never losing its lustre throughout the day.

There are three shades available:

Les Feuilles Mortes containing gold, rose gold and mocha shimmers

- September Song boasting pale pink, dark rose and milk chocolate shimmers

- Stroll in the Park with mossy greens and chartreuse.

So forget those grey palettes when you're doing your smoky eye this season, and say hello to your new go-tos.

One of the my favourite features of PAUL & JOE Beauté is their limited edition lipstick cases. Talk about the ideal accessory. As it takes me a long, long time to work through a whole tube, to be able to switch up the case every once in awhile feels like getting a whole new lipstick, despite the interior staying exactly the same.

There are six limited edition lipstick cases in the Fall 2016 collection. I took two out on the road:

The bold print of 
Paul & Joe Lipstick Case CS 035 and romantic, almost William Morris-type floral covering Paul & Joe Lipstick Case CS 036 will be bright spots in your day.

If only everything was this pretty.


PAUL & JOE Beauté products come enveloped in fetching, au courant and ever-evolving prints and patterns. But it's really what's inside that counts. These are some of the best cosmetics you'll ever try. The darling containers? A super, fashionable bonus.

The Limited Edition Collection A Stroll in The Park by PAUL & JOE Beauté is available at beautyBOUTIQUE.ca and at select Shoppers Drug Mart beautyBOUTIQUE and Murale locations in Canada. In the U.S., shop PAUL & JOE Beauté.

Stephanie Dickison

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